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How To Eat Edam Cheese

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Edam cheese is a famous Dutch cheese which has set benchmark gourmet standards. It is believed that the cheese was once very popular and it dominated the cheese market till 18th century.  There are debates regarding the actual texture of the cheese. Some prefer to call it mellow; however others choose to call it cheese nutty and mild. Some Edam cheese varieties have salty flavor whereas others may taste bland. The cheese is normally identified with its pale and yellowish color. Edam comes in ball and brick form and is normally wrapped in wax jacket of red or yellow color.




The cheese is made up of reduced cow’s milk.  Unlike some other cheeses you don’t have to refrigerate to eat edam cheese. As the cheese is covered in wax so there is no need to chill or refrigerate it. But that never implies that the cheese should be placed in warm or hot room because direct contact with sunlight may hamper its taste and spoil its texture.


There are many ways to eat edam cheese. Some of the popular ways include:


  • Moulding edam into suitable shapes. The cheese is one of its rare kind which can be rolled into crisps, rinds, breads and balls.


  • Fritters: Popular fritter snacks can be squared up using edam cheese. The fritters can be prepared by dipping the cheese in some batter or mixing it with boiled vegetable, mashing vegetables and deep frying them.


  • Seasonings: If you are wary of serving or eating cheese Edam on its own then you can eat it as servings.  The cheese tastes great when melted and poured over pastas and potatoes.


  • Bakes: If you are wary of the regular food then you can perhaps seek refuge in many of those baking recipes which involve this cheese.  Internet is full of recipe ideas , so you can choose over the suitable ones and start working with  the cheese.


  • Soups and Sauces:  The Edam cheese can be used in preparation of some wonderful soups and sauces. The cheese can be used as the sole ingredient in preparation of soups or  it should be used in conjunction with other ingredients.


We are sure that you will enjoy your stint with Edam cheese


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How To Eat Edam Cheese