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How To Eat Camembert Cheese

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Buttery Camembert Cheese

Camembert Cheese is a buttery, luscious soft French cheese that comes with a thin and edible aromatic rind. Even though, this French cheese is made across the world, the true version is made in Normandy from the fresh milk of cows that graze on soil enriched with apple trees. Knowing how to eat Camembert cheese is a must for every cheese connoisseur.



Though, some cheese lovers get a hint of apple flavor in Camembert cheese, many enjoy its nutty and earthy flavor along with a mild tinge of mold. It is a very complex and robust cheese and can be truly called as the King of French cheeses. The cheese showcases a creamy appeal and salty flavor that makes it different from other cheeses. The chalky white rind from mold adds to the flavor or the ripe Camembert cheese.


Tips To Eat Camembert Cheese

While you can eat Camembert cheese according to your desire, the thumb rule is to serve it at room temperature. Warm it and relish its buttery and salty flavor. The warm cheese is easy to be spread on crackers, making it more enjoyable.


Camembert is the ideal choice for a fine table cheese and makes it a royal addition to the cheese board at a party. You can serve this delicious cheese with berries, melons and grapes. Camembert cheese becomes a seductive choice when eaten with sweet pears and toasted nuts.


Cheese aficionado will love to relish this when paired with the sparkling Champagne or red wines like Beaujolais or Bordeaux. In its hometown, this velvety cheese is paired with the locally produced dry apple brandy called Calvados.


You can enjoy this cheese with or without its white chalky rind. But a cheese lover would prefer to have it with rind. You can eat this cheese with French baguette or just apply it on bread and enjoy it.


Bake Camembert with freshly ground salt and black pepper and thyme leaves and olive oil and eat with toasted garlic.


Don’t hesitate if you are trying out Camembert Cheese for the first time. You can use these ideas or try some new combos to have a delightful and enticing experience.


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How To Eat Camembert Cheese