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How To Eat Paese Cheese

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Paese Cheese

If you are a cheese lover you ought to know how to eat Paese cheese. This cheese  is made from cow’s milk and like most of the cheeses originated in Italy. Actually it was originally made in a village called Melzo, which is near Milan, in the Lombardy region of Italy. But now this cheese is also made in the United States as well. Paese cheese is also known as Bel paese meaning ‘a beautiful country’. The name is derived from the title of a book written by Antonio Stoppani.


Paese cheese is creamy, semi soft and light in texture. The aroma of paese cheese is similar to that of milk. The color of paese cheese is pale, in fact it is almost creamy yellow.

Paese cheese is shaped into small discs and because of its light buttery flavor which makes it a popular choice to be used for eating.

There are many ways to eat paese cheese, some of which we are listing here for your convenience.

  • Due to its buttery flavor, paese cheese goes well with fruity wines, like dry red or white. Many people like to eat paese cheese with wine to savour its light taste and creamy texture. Just a bit of an advice though, it goes really well with Chardonnay. So next time you have guests you know what to serve them with wine.


  • Paese cheese is also a favourite with food lovers as a popular snack. Many people love to eat paese cheese as standalone for a light snack. Try and serve it to your guests or family members and see if they don’t like it.


  • You can also serve this cheese as a dessert or better still, use it in your dessert recipes to add that creamy buttery flavor to the dishes.


  • Try serving paese cheese with fruits like apples and pears and watch your guests or family members relish it. Why only apples and pears? Well, because the texture and buttery taste of paese cheese compliment these two fruits very well and combining it with these two fruits, enhances the taste and makes a scrumptious dessert of its own!


  • Another way to eat paese cheese is to use it in pizza. Since this cheese melts easily, it is ideal to be used in pizzas and not to say, a great taste enhancer as well!


  • This cheese can also be used in casseroles for the same reason that it melts easily.


  • Paese cheese is also used as a substitute for mozzarella cheese and hence all those recipes which make use of mozzarella can be made even more tasty by using this cheese instead.


Well now you know how to eat paese cheese but there is one little bit of information that might be helpful, which is, how to identify between paese cheese made in Italy and the one made in U.S.? Just check the wrapping over the cheese. If there is an image of Stoppani over it, then it is from Italy, but a map of Americas, is an indication that it is made in the United States itself. 

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How To Eat Paese Cheese