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How To Eat Gruyere Cheese

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Creamy Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere cheese is one of the finest and most admired of the cheeses. Renowned for its presence in a hot bowl of French soup, or as a savory food topping, this cheese is versatile. However, it is a sad co-incidence that few people would have actually tasted true Swiss Gruyere. The Gruyere popularly available in the market today is usually poor imitation of the true variety. So, not many might know how to eat the authentic Gruyere cheese. For all the cheese lovers who would want a taste of the real thing this blog is for you…

Gruyere cheese is characterized by a very nutty and sweet flavor. It is used as one of the major ingredients in fondues. When you buy Gruyere cheese, choose the ones with pooled butterfat or those having cuts without molds. Store the cheese in refrigerator, wrapped in a cloth moistened with salt water until use.

Here are a few tips on eating Gruyere cheese


You can eat Gruyere cheese in many ways. Here are some of the coolest suggestions to enjoy Gruyere cheese.


  • Enjoy the pure and rich creamy texture of this Swiss cheese by eating it on its own, unspoiled in any form.


  • Smoke the cheese and use it as a royal appetizer at your party. Season with fresh herbs of the season and serve with a dip of red paprika.


  • You can enjoy Gruyere cheese with dates, fresh or dried figs, roasted cashew, or walnuts.


  • You can relish the taste of this cheese by adding it in sandwiches, sauces, fondues, and French onion soup.


  • The creamy rich texture of this Swiss cheese gels well with the fruity wines like Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Sherry, Pinot Gris, or Gewurztraminer and can be sued as a dessert.


  • Relish grilled Gruyere by using in quiche and soups.


  • Combine with Emmenntal or Comte and use top make fondue for enjoying a different flavor.


  • Eat with fresh fruit slices like pears or apples or with the French baguette.


  • Gruyere tastes marvelous when eaten with sparkling apple cider or bock beer. The fizzy nature of the drinks and the creamy cheese are treats for the taste buds.


  • Gruyere tastes great when paired with eggs in the form of omelets.


  • Include this cheese while preparing macaroni and relish the soft and creaminess with the blend of herbs and spices.


There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to eating Gruyere cheese. It can be eaten in any way of your choice – simple or sophisticated. The cheese renders a great taste and dept to the dishes, but nibbling with fresh fruit or a slice of bread can be refreshing. This is one of the foods that any person will enjoy at any point of time and in any form.

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How To Eat Gruyere Cheese