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How To Eat Brie Cheese

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Brie CheeseBrie cheese is a graceful and delectable cheese from France. If you are a cheese aficionado, you ought to know how to eat Brie cheese. It is after all, it is one of the most delightful treat, enjoyed by the kids and adults alike. Brie cheese is characterized by a rich and creamy center (that leaves you amazed each time you bite into it) and an edible, but tasteless rind. While the younger versions of this cheese have a soft, melting texture, the cheese gets a stronger flavor and crumblier texture as it ages.



Types of Brie Cheese

Traditionally, this French cheese is prepared using unpasteurized milk. However, most Brie cheese available in the U.S. market today, are made using pasteurized milk. Even though, the ‘pasteurized’ Brie cheese tastes good, a true cheese lover would easily spot the vast difference texture and flavor of the two and prefer the "original Brie cheese" to the pasteurized variety anytime. 


Tips for Eating Brie Cheese

If you are new to brie cheese, then here are some tips that will help you to enjoy each bite of this delectable cheese.


Eat Brie Cheese At Room Temperature.

As a rule, French cheeses are enjoyed as such. So, the case remains same with Brie cheese as well. However, if you like your cheese warm, then bake brie cheese to a temperature that is just above room temperature and enjoy it.


Eat With The Rind.

Though, many prefer to scrape off the tasteless rind from the cheese, a diehard cheese lover will always want to taste the Brie cheese in its true form - with rind. Eating Brie cheese with rind turns your cheese eating experience into a gastronomical adventure of sorts.


Eat Alone Or As A Combo.

The delicate flavor of this cheese allows you to enjoy it as such. However, if you are not the "only cheese" types then add Brie cheese to your favorite sandwich or enjoy it with fruits or salad vegetable.


Eat As An Appetizer.

You can use brie cheese as an appetizer at a full course dinner or a party. Since the cheese quite rich and filling, you may choose to keep the rest of the meal menu on a lighter tone.


Eat Brie Cheese As A Finger Food.

Brie cheese work great as finger foods. You can use it as a part of your cheese platter or  prepare a cracker-cheese spread for our party.


Eat With Dry White Wine.

Enjoy the beautiful combination of dry white wine and this creamy French cheese and delight your taste buds to a journey to heaven and back.


So, the next time you want to eat brie cheese, try one of the ways mentioned above, and relish it. 

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How To Eat Brie Cheese