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How To Clean A Tilapia Fish

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Tilapia is found in abundance in fresh water sources like lakes and rivers and is sought for its non-fishy taste. If you get a chance to get it, it is better to clean a tilapia fish yourself. 

To clean a tilapia fish is not a tough task and can be done easily at home. You can even clean a large quantity of tilapia and store it in cold storage for future use.

Here we are listing a few simple steps which you can follow to clean a tilapia fish.

  • First and foremost, wash the fish thoroughly. While washing it will remove all dirt or unclean particles from the fish and its outer surface.
  • Now holding the fish carefully, insert a knife in its underbelly round one-inch inside and as close to the tail as possible.
  • Cut open the belly of the fish by sliding the knife upward from the tail. Cut open the fish entirely, moving the knife along the cavity of the fish to make it easy for cleaning a tilapia fish.
  • Now with the fish cut up entirely, pull out the entrails and clean up the cavity of every remnant that is there.
  • After removing everything from the cavity, clean a tilapia fish by washing it thoroughly inside out.
  • Now the fish is ready for cooking.

Tilapia fish should be cooked immediately after cleaning it or if you plan to cook it later then freeze it immediately; before putting it to freeze, season with edible salt.

Just make sure that you are careful while handling the fillet knife as they are usually very sharp. Also to keep the fishy smell off your hands wear rubber gloves.

So follow these tips and clean a tilapia fish the next time you plan to cook it for your family.

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How To Clean A Tilapia Fish