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How To Eat A Boiled Artichoke

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The key question maybe how to eat a boiled artichoke? The Artichoke flower head often confuses people on the eating strategy.  It is not one of those regular chop and eat kind of vegetable and can be consumed only if one is familiar with the method of cooking and eating this fancy vegetable. Once that is figured out then it is a delight to dig into this wonderful vegetable and go for the ‘artichoke heart’.


Choosing the perfect artichoke is an art. The key is picking the right green, tender and not tightly packed head of artichoke from the market. You might find the frost bitten artichoke with scars on the surface or the clean ones with no markings. The scarred ones may have a stronger concentration of flavors unlike the cleaner ones. Some might prefer one over the other.


After finding the perfect artichoke chopping it up and readying it for the dish is as interesting as it gets.

  1. Cut the stem off since it is hard and you don’t’ need it. Use a serrated knife since the out leaves can be hard or spiky. You could cut a quarter of the leaves away with kitchen scissors around.
  2. Alternatively you can start peeling off the outer layers with your fingers by pulling it off the base until you get to the heart of the artichoke. Cut off the fuzzy tips.
  3. You can use lemon juice or vinegar to stop the oxidative browning process by rubbing it on the edible portion of the leaves before cooking. Keep the flat based artichokes in a bowl of water and boil for 30 minutes until it is tenderly cooked.





Once the artichoke is cooked you can set it on a plate to cool and eat. So how does one eat boiled artichokes?


  1. After boiling keep the artichokes out on a plate for cooling.
  2. Artichoke hearts are most popular so getting to the inner core is important. Peel away the cooked outer leaves until you get to the center of the artichoke.
  3. The tender lighter green part inside is the ‘artichoke heart’ and that’s where one can find the meat to eat.
  4. Strip away the leaves one by one in the center and slide it over the teeth to scrape the soft meat off the leaves. Throw the leaves away. Do that for all of them until there isn’t any left.
  5. Alternatively, one can dip the meaty portion of the leaf into a dip and pull on it with the teeth. A mingling of flavors happens.
  6. Then scrape out the fuzzy part called the ‘choke’ to reach the artichoke heart; cut the central heart into and use it for cooking directly.
  7. The soft tender, artichoke cooked parts can be used in pasta, soups or salads, either chopping them up or as big chunks.


Any way you eat them the boiled artichokes are delightful and a very different culinary experience altogether.


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How To Eat A Boiled Artichoke