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How To Serve Sauternes To Your Guests

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Holidays and celebrations become more elegant when you serve what your guests love. Serving sauternes to guests is one such thing, but it is important to serve it right. Read this article to know how to serve sauternes to your guests.


Sauternes: Favorite of collectors and connoisseurs, Sauternes, is a golden luxurious French dessert wine, which is often poured during celebrations and special occasions. This delicately sweet wine is originated from French Sauternais region of Bordeaux’s Graves subsection. Some of the common Sauternes come in apricot, and peach flavors. They generally come in golden yellow color but can be darker too depending on its age as sauternes are some of longest-lived wines as old as 100-year-old. Sauternes are generally available in 375ml bottles, but larger bottles are also manufactured.

Sauternes Vs Sauterne: Sauternes is often confused with California-made Sauterne, a cheap, semisweet white wine, which is made with combination of different grapes. Sauternes, on the other hand, is only made with the combination of three wine grapes - Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle. This is infected by Botrytis cinerea - a form of the gray fungus. Some tips to serve sauternes are:

1. Temperature: Serve sauternes below room temperature i.e. around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 11 degree Celsius. You won’t taste real sauternes in extreme temperatures. It may taste overly sweet, if served too warm, or lose its flavor completely, if served chilled. Sauternes wines, which are older than 15 years, can be served a little warmer. However, it is recommended to serve warm, if cannot be served below room temperature.

2. Food: Sauternes tastes great when served with French delicacy foie gras, Roquefort or blue cheese, light dessert salads or roasted nuts. Pairing it with pie will be a little overwhelming, so restrict your choices to something salty or spicy. Never serve this rich wine with other red or white wines. Hence, it is recommended to serve it at the end of the evening.

3. Quantity: The dessert wines become pleasurable when they are sipped slowly and swallowed in small portions. Hence, do not pour more than 2-3 ounces per glass.

4. Presentation: To enjoy sauternes, serve it in special Sauternes glasses, a set of which is available for $80 anywhere in the world. If you don’t have Sauternes glass, enjoy this unique sweet drink in a dessert glass.


The Sauternes bottles two hours before serving to allow it to settle down before your guests actually gulp it down. Also know about different occasions when you can serve this wonderful rich drink and enjoy its sweet taste with dish of your choice.  

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How To Serve Sauternes To Your Guests