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How To Clean Catering Griddles

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How To Clean Catering Griddles


The hot plates that are used to grill, saute, roast, or toast food on are known as catering griddles. In catering every meal has to be prepared in copious amounts, so it is essential to take care of the equipment, catering griddles, to yield the best results.

Griddles are usually flat metal plates or with a grooved surface. Usually food sticks on the flat metal griddles, thus some oil or butter has to be used while cooking on it. Once the cooking is over, you need to clean catering griddles while they are slightly warm. For that you can turn off the gas and let the catering griddles rest for 10 minutes until they have cooled to be warm enough. Then splash a small amount of soapy solution on the griddle and wipe gently with a soft sponge or a pad. The first wash with the soapy solution will remove the grease that was left on the griddle. Then you can wipe the griddles with a clean towel saoked in water to completely clean the soapy solution and the grease. Once the griddle is clean, let it dry, and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Food cooked on a griddle with a grooved surface requires minimum use of oil or butter. It is equivalent to a grill. The grooved surface griddles are accompanied by grease troughs, which is a drawer right beneath the griddle but a few inches larger than the griddle, to catch the juices and oils released while cooking on the griddle. For cleaning catering griddles the grease trough should be emptied first. It should be cleaned in the same manner as the flat metal griddles were cleaned. The grooved surface griddle usually has a chrome layer at the top finish i.e. non-stick. Thus, we cannot use abbrasive solutions or cleaning pads to clean it. Once the cooking has been completed, turn off the gas and remove the griddle from the stove. Place the griddle in an open space and while the grooved surface griddle is hot you can splash it with white vinegar or lemon juice, you should not be standing too close to the griddle while doing that. The grease will partially evaporate with the vinegar or lemon juice. Let the griddle cool down and then clean it with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. 

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How To Clean Catering Griddles