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10 Health Foods That Are Not 'Healthy'

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Faux Health Foods - Energy BarsWe all have a tendency to look for health foods whenever we do our shopping. Right from the oils we use to the snacks we eat, we look for the label health foods. But how many of us are aware of the fact that the so-called health foods, right from your fat free wafers to your sugar free sweets and yogurts are faux health foods. That is, these health foods are not healthy at all. So, while choosing health foods next time, be a little more careful.

These are few of the most popular health foods that are in reality faux health foods.

1. Energy Bars

Energy bars are the health foods that you normally look forward to since they are fat free, but the calories a Clif Bar has is equivalent to the calories present in a Snickers Bar. Yes, these health foods do have some positive side, but then if you want to lose weight and you are calorie conscious, you can pick up a Snickers instead of these health foods. These fiber and protein rich health foods are ideal as snacks after you complete you exercise.

2. Granola

A two-third cup of the granola and you end up consuming about 16 grams of sugar. But remember that these are once again faux health foods. If you really love these ‘health foods’, then add a sprinkle to your unsweetened cereal. The sole plus point of these so-called health foods is their portability.

3. Organic Cookies

The moment you see the word organic in a food item, you conclude it is one among the health foods. This is where the ads completely fool you. Organic foods need not necessarily be health foods, especially those organic cookies as they also contain sugars, refined flours and of course, your margarine and butter. Surprised? But very true. Organic cookies are faux health foods.

4. RiceCakes

Quaker Oats are healthy, but do you know that the Quakers RicekCakes are faux health foods. These snacks that are advertised as health foods come with 3 grams of sugar in each cake (thanks to the caramel). So, each cake of the faux health foods give you 50 calories.

5.Diet Yogurt

You don’t choose the normal yogurt, but go for the diet yogurt. Just your friend has said that diet yogurts are health foods. But, there also you are being cheated. A look at the ingredients can prove that these are rich is aspartame, an artificial sweetener, which is rich in calories like our sugar.

6. Raisin Bran

One cup of Kellogg’s raisin bran, one of the most popular healthy foods for breakfast, has 17 grams of sugar, which is almost twice the recommended quantity of sugar intake a day. You may use unsweetened oatmeal for your breakfast and if you really want some sweetness, add a banana, but avoid eating the faux health foods.

7. Pop Chips

Chips, which ever form it is in, are not health foods. Even though the calories is less, still you gain some non-healthy part. So, instead of binging on a packet of the faux health foods – Pop Chips – grab a veggie salad without dressing as your mid day snack.

8. Chocolate Rice Milk

If you feel that chocolate cow’s milk are not health foods, then how are you convinced that chocolate soy, rice, almond or hemp milk are health foods? Even though the sugar present in chocolate rice milk forms on its own, it is almost 28 grams. So, how do these faux health foods make a difference?

9. Smoothies

A favorite among health foods, smoothies are just eye blinkers. Even though they are rich in fruit sugars, 60 grams of sugar in these health foods are not acceptable.

10. FroYo

Last in my list is FroYo. These are faux health foods as they come as “Yogurt Covered Peanuts/Raisins”. So, if you are really searching for health foods, choose plain and pure yogurt and not these faux health foods.

These are some of the most common items, which we always end up picking up as part our health foods. The list is not exhaustive. Even your health foods like diet sodas, baked chips, fat-free cookies, sugar-free cookies etc are also faux health foods. So keep your eyes and ears open before purchasing these ‘health foods’.

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10 Health Foods That Are Not 'Healthy'