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Top 5 Romantic Foods To Impress Your Wife Or Girl Friend With

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Romantic foods are foods which capture the spirit of the intimate mood. These foods are the ones which provide abundance of flavors by stimulating the taste buds with every bite.

If you are in search of foods to impress your wife or girl friend, then here are some foods which are highly desirable. These romantic foods and treats are sure to impress your girfriend  or wife on a date or at a special dinner. 

Here are top 5 Romantic Foods;

Basil:  This can be among best romantic foods. Basil is an aromatic member of the mint family with an alluring aroma. Basil can cure headaches.So Greeks regarded the basil as their royal herb. The botanical name of basil is derived from the Greek "to be fragrant."  More over basil has a warming effect on the body and improves circulation. In some parts of Italy, basil is a love-token. So It can be a best treat to impress your love partner.

Eggs: Egg is one among the great romantic foods.  Egg is one of the ancient fertility symbols. Eggs are rich in B6 and B5, which improves your balanced hormone levels and it also helps to fight stress. Consuming raw chicken eggs before sex is considered to be a good option.

Chocolate:  Chocolate is among the best romantic foods to impress your wife or girl friend and is a well-known aphrodaisiac. Moreover the Aztecs referred to chocolate as "nourishment of the Gods."

Chocolate is rich in the chemical called phenylethylamine, or PEA which is similar to amphetamine, the chemical released by the brain when people fall in love, producing a euphoric, dreamy feeling.

Ice cream: Ice cream is more indulgent and romantic food. Think about the romance when you and your partner spoon-feed each other vanilla ice cream in bed? The fragrance of vanilla alone will bring the atmosphere of romance to the room. More over these Ice creams will bring delight to taste buds.

Seafood:Seafood is considered to be a great romantic food, because oysters are considered an aphrodisiac, but other sea foods can also bring those amorous feelings as well. Shrimp can be a very romantic food; hand feed them to your lover along with a delicious cocktail sauce, It will seduce your lover.

Next time you want to impress your girl friend or wife, you will know which foods to order or cook for her! 

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Top 5 Romantic Foods To Impress Your Wife Or Girl Friend With