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Top 5 Romantic Foods To Impress Your Husband Or Boyfriend With

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Romantic Fodds To IMpress Husband or BoyfriendRomantic foods are the keys to the heart of your boyfriend or husband. Let us have a look at few romantic foods, which I feel are the top 5 foods to impress your husband or boyfriend. Deciding on romantic foods is individual wish and an extremely personal affair. So, whatever I am citing here as the top 5 romantic foods, is my personal view.

Foods to impress your husband or boyfriend come with the priceless ingredient called love. Along with other ingredients you use for cooking these romantic foods, you should add love and affection and care in the right proportion so that they turn into those magical foods to impress your husband or boyfriend.

The top 5 romantic foods I am talking about are one each from appetizers, soups, main course, sides and desserts.

Romantic Appetizer - Avocado And Tomato Bruschetta

In my view of romantic foods that can be used as appetizers, Avocado And Tomato Bruschetta tops the list. These appetizers, along with being the ideal foods to impress your husband or boyfriend, have the positive element of being rich in healthy resources, plus our vital ingredient – love. A one-of-its kind of Mediterranean dish, it is made using avocados, ready-to-bake ciabatta, cherry tomatoes, roasted and coarsely grounder black pepper powder and balsamic vinegar that drizzles from these romantic foods.

Romantic Soup - French Onion Soup

French Onion SoupResearchers have proved that onions can play a great role in creating a romantic mood. So, let us have a look at the second item in my top 5 romantic foods. A little heavy and calorie rich diet when compared to our appetizer, French Onion soup is made using yellow onions, sherry, chicken broth having lower levels of sodium and good quality beef. The taste of these foods to impress your husband or boyfriend is enhanced with white butter, thyme leaves, bay leaves, ground black pepper and Gruyere cheese. If you can keep aside your ‘calorie’ consciousness aside, then you can indulge in these sinful romantic foods.

Romantic Main Course: French Style Fillet Of Sole

French Style Fillet of Sole

A very romantic dish made from fish, this main course item can definitely be among the foods to impress your husband or boyfriend. As the name explains, it is a French dish where mildly flavored sole is prepared by cooking it in rich cream and white wine. A slightly spicy dish, the romantic food gets a tangy taste due to the inclusion of lemon juice. Now, check that out as this dish can be among the most ravishingly tasting romantic foods for two on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Side: Saffron Rice With Parmesan Cheese

Saffron is the costliest of the spices and is rich in terms of health and taste. Prepare saffron-flavored rice and enhance its taste with Parmesan Cheese. A very nice delicacy among the romantic foods, you can enrich it with deep, golden fried onions and red wine.

Romantic Dessert: Strawberries In Chocolate Shells With Raspberry Sauce

Last, but not the least, let us have a look at one among the most popular romantic foods – a dessert that is among the foods to impress your husband or boyfriend. This will mesmerize the taste buds if your partner, giving them a true reflection of enjoying a party. Strawberries, as you know, are rich sources of antioxidants and have be proven as one among the most effective romantic foods. The extravagant mixture of strawberries and chocolate shells is enriched by whipped cream and delicious raspberry sauce.

These romantic foods are sure the foods to impress your husband or boyfriend and set the tone for falling in love again and again.

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Top 5 Romantic Foods To Impress Your Husband Or Boyfriend With