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How To Eat Chapulines

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How To Eat Chapulines

You need not really go to Mexico to eat chapulines. To eat chapulines, you just need to have a little bit of guts and you should be an insect eating person. Let me first tell you what chapulines are. Then, we can move on to see how to eat chapulines and who prefer eating chapulines.

Chapulines is the Nahuatl word that stands for grasshopper. Yes, these are grasshoppers with the color of rust. They look really gorgeous when cooked and presented. People of Mexico have always been following the tradition of eating chapulines. If you visit Oaxaca during the fall, you will be able to eat chapulines along with the locals.

 A vital ingredient of the Mexican food, these grasshoppers are collected during a fixed time in a year. These are then thoroughly washed and cleaned. Once the cleaning part is completed, the chapulines are toasted using a traditional Mexican cooking surface called comal. Comal is made using clay. While toasting chapulines, ingredients like lime juice and garlic are added for flavoring purpose. Yet another vital ingredient is the salt which contains agave worms extract. This salt renders a sour-spicy-salty flavor for toasted chapulines.

 If you like spicy food, then you can add dry fried and crushed red chilies or even red chili powder. Adding pepper powder instead of red chili powder also enhances the flavor of the toasted chapulines.

 You can even try to eat fried chapulines. The chapulines, after cleaning, are deep fried in olive oil and seasoned with lime, deep fried garlic pods, onions that have been friend to golden brown. You may garnish the fried chapulines with tomatoes, chopped in a circular form and yell bell pepper. Fried chapulines taste well with guacamole and tortillas.

 If you really have a taste for trying food from across the globe, then you should try to eat chapulines. People who love protein should definitely try to eat chapulines if they get a chance to taste some Mexican delicacies.  

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How To Eat Chapulines