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5 Quick & Easy Recipes To Break A Cooking Slump

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Learning to cook is no longer considered to be down market. In fact, mastering a few easy recipes         in order to churn out good food at home is all the rage now. While ordering from outside might seem a trifle convenient, getting to eat healthy and nutritious food courtesy the easy recipes that you learn has its own appeal. The economical factor cannot be totally overlooked either. It is time to check out a few recipes to break a cooking slump that seems to have besieged a lot of people now. Here is a list of 5 quick & easy recipes to break a cooking slump. Take a look and tell us how easy it is.

  1. Balsamic Chicken With Herbs & Cheese - Get hold of just four ingredients, blue cheese, herbes de Provence, chicken breasts and black pepper and you will be all set to whip up some mouthwatering recipes to break a cooking slump.

  2. Simple Pasta - One of most easy recipes that you can learn is to make pasta with chickpeas and charred tomatoes. This can be considered as one of those recipes to break a cooking slump that can be as easy as boiling water.

  3. Steak With Pan Sauce - A delicious steak dish cooked with olive oil and Dijon Mustard can be termed as one of the most easy recipes to be sure.

  4. Spinach And Salmon - Decidedly one of the most easy recipes, the delicate fish cooked with spinach and olive oil acquires its tangy flavor from balsamic vinegar. A sure shot way to forget the unhealthy pizzas that you have been living on so far.

  5. Roasted Chicken Breasts - Garbanzo beans, tomatoes and paprika all go into the chicken breasts, and you can even raid your refrigerator in order to stuff the leftovers into the chicken. Cooking will only take up 15 minutes of your time making it the one of the simplest easy recipes that you can hope to find.


Buying ingredients and cooking them will not seem like an ordeal ever again once you learn the techniques associated with cooking according to the easy recipes given above.


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