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How To Eat Healthy At The Steak House

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Fed up of eating healthy always, last Sunday, me and my girlfriends headed out to the steak house to disprove the fact that all we have, are ‘calorie calculators’, on our minds. Now my sister was completely freaked out ‘cause she is really picky about food, especially, unhealthy food. So, at this steak and the others, let me give you a glimpse of how to go about eating healthy and having a good tummy-full meal.

Whenever you enter the steak house, do not think what you dreamt of eating a year back, think of what will make you feel light yet satiated the next morning. So, ready for eating healthy grub at the steak house?


  1. Don’t jump onto the plate- Ask for the menu, look at the ingredients, the servings and the size of the meal. Ask the server to tell you if there are any high fat content dishes in there. Are there? Avoid those!
  2. Puckaw or blub! - Choose chicken or fish over beef. It is lighter and your office won’t seem like a punishment to add to the Monday blues.
  3. Avoid creamy dressings and those Bloomin’ onions.
  4. Go grill! Avoid extra butter and ask the cooks to go slow on those margarines and butter.
  5. Appetizers not fillers- Find appetizers at the steak house which won’t defeat your purpose of initiating eating healthy. Choose light starters like Cocktail Crabs, Grilled shrimps etc.
  6. Side-dish is a side-kick- Choose a light and nutritious side dish like a nice salad, or mashed potatoes instead of fries and hash browns. By doing so, you are cutting down on starch and fat tremendously!
  7. The real thing- The first thing to keep in mind while ordering that steak is to ask for grass fed beef. Eating healthy is eating sensibly. Corn fed beef is a more delicious variety but it is also much heavier. Moreover, grass fed beef is leaner, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids which is healthy.
  8. Prime or Sirloin- Try and go for Sirloin since it is leaner and has less fat than the Prime. The most fat strewn marbled piece of the beef is called the Prime. It is really heavy and will take your system a long time to digest. And well, it will stay on your hips much longer too!
  9. Servings- Ideally a steak should be the size of your palm, but of course, the plates at the steak house paint a different picture. Try to order steaks in different forms like kebabs with vegetables. It is a different palate tickler while eating healthy.
  10. Sauces- The steak has enough fat dripping go for lighter wine or brandy based sauces which add to the flavor of the steak. Avoid Béarnaise, a butter and Egg yolk sauce; it will take you miles away from the idea of eating healthy.
  11. Order soup- It would be a good idea to call for a soup while you wait for your well dones. Go for a one that is filling one but not with chowders and crotons please!

My! My! Talking about the steaks and gravies, I think I will now give a call to my roommate. I wanna raise the steak here!


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How To Eat Healthy At The Steak House