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Why Health Food Is Not Always Good For You

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Can it ever be that too much health food is not always good for you? Studies reveal that it is imperative that you don’t use health food as a daily dose. Anne Dubner, a leading nutritionist from Houston noted that there is a very thin line between eating healthy and eating too healthy.

Though going organic, and natural and raw foods has been a very staunch fad, now more and more people are realizing that health food is not always good for you. There have been people who just don’t use health food as a meal but as their full meal plan! Tofu dogs, sprouted wheat buns with rice flour cookies; green leafy vegetables, uncooked and raw; no meat or dairy products has left not just a hole, but a weak troubled anatomy for most.

Dr. Steven Bratman, the author of Health Food Junkies has coined a term for this obsession as Orthorexia nervosa. People suffering from this are aware that there bodies are healthy, yet they are so obsessed with a healthy diet that they forget about everything else, and stress only about healthy food.

 A few ways that prove that too much health food is not always good for you are :

  • Stress- Imagine you are invited over at any place where the people don’t use health food, there is a ‘healthy’ chance that due to frustration and stress, any and all of your so called healthy work and diet will go waste.
  • Sociological Disorders- There have been instances where parents suffering from this illness, force their children into consuming only health food, unaware that health food is not always good. With no taste of Sugars, Pizzas, and even birthday cakes! These children fail to fit in the social circles when they grow. Nobody enjoys being around nagging, picky people for long.
  • Psychological disorders- With the constant worry of how much and when to eat, it is impossible to even try to convince such a person that too much health food is not always good. To say, don’t use healthy food, is like a taboo.

The worst problem is that when a person only follows such healthy diets, they concentrate so much on the low-carb, high vegan diets; that they conveniently forget that even if in little quantities, the body requires proteins, fats, and minerals like calcium, niacin and iron and not to forget Vitamin-B+. How do they think they are going to make up for it? So, it is clear that too much healthy food is not always good.

The Misconception-

The incorrect approach about a healthy diet is that if you don’t use health food, you are bound to be obese or weak. Since, some amount of health food is good; people assume that more will be better.

 So, when one multigrain digestive biscuit may have just the right amount of nutrition, its’ calorific content will also be high. But overdoing it and finishing the whole biscuit carton; thinking it will give you maximum nutrition is silly.

 What is forgotten is that while the nutritive value is abounding, the calories are also increasing with each biscuit! :P…now that wasn’t too wise was it?

Or picture this, you switch to fat free chips instead of the fried ones, but instead of one bag you have three bags over the day, where do think those calories will go? ...yes, those wasteful calories are nestling around your hips just about now.

Contrary to popular belief, health food is not always good, be aware and don’t use health food for each and every meal. Know the nutrition requirements and don’t overdo it.

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Why Health Food Is Not Always Good For You