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How To Melt Gelatin To Make Cheesecake

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It is customary to melt gelatin while making a cheesecake. However, the gelatin is used for different purposes for different types of cheesecakes. The no bake variety for instance uses the gelatin to set it while it remains refrigerated. The traditional baked cake usually contains gelatin within the batter which helps to give it more body, making it easier to slice. Melting gelatin is however, a pre requisite when it comes to both the variety. Let us now learn how to melt gelatin to make cheesecake.


  1. The very first step to melt gelatin is simple enough. All you have to do is to pour some water into a pan. Thus begins the process of melting gelatin in order to make a cheesecake.

  2. A light layer of gelatin is then required to be sprinkled on top of the water. The first layer needs to be absorbed completely while trying to melt gelatin for a cheesecake. A second layer of gelatin is then added to it. The procedure requires to be repeated until it is completely used up thus bringing the initial step of melting gelatin to a close.

  3. The water with the layers of gelatin now need to stand undisturbed for a few minutes which is necessary to melt gelatin for a cheesecake.

  4. The entire concoction is then stirred over low heat until the gelatin disappears completely and you get to melt gelatin required for baking the cheesecakes. Care must also be taken to see that the gelatin dissolves completely leaving no lumps behind. An incomplete melting process affects the consistency of the cheesecake making it less than perfect.

  5. Melt gelatin in adequate quantities to be added to the batter of the cheesecake, but not before it has cooled down considerably.

  6. It is also mandatory to follow individual recipes for baking cheesecakes while trying to melt gelatin.


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How To Melt Gelatin To Make Cheesecake