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Excessive Red Meat Ups Stroke Risk For Women

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Red meat

Red meat is sure tasty, but it also poses health risks for women, according to the reports of a study featuring 30, 000 Swedish women. Most of these women were putting themselves at an increased risk of stroke.


According to this study, women who consumed more than 102 grams of meat on a day to day basis was at a higher risk of developing a stroke, due to blocked blood flow in the brains , than women who ate under an ounce (25 grams) of meat daily.


Women who eat a lot of red meat may be putting themselves at increased risk of stroke, a new study in more than 30,000 Swedish women hints.Diets that are heavy with red meat, have always been linked with many kinds of illnesses, like cancer, heart diseases and high blood pressure.Stroke, has now been added to this list.


A 10 Year Long Study

Dr. Susanna Larsson of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm along with her team, have studies 34,670 woman between the age of 39 and 73 years. When they started studying them in 1997, all of them were tested clear of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. In a period of 10 years 1,680 women, which is an alarming four percentage, had a stroke.


Scientific Discoveries

Upon further study, the team of doctors found out that most of them had the cerebral infarction, where there was a blockage in an artery that suppled blood to the brain. 22 percent of the stokes, were caused by bleeding in the bring or unspecified causes. It was those women who ate the a lot of processed meat, at least 41.3 grams a day, who were at a 24 per cent risk of this kind of stroke, as opposed to those who who consumed less that half an ounce or 12.1 grams. The researchers further divided the women in five different groups, which were based on their red meat consumption. They discovered that those who ate 86 grams o red meat daily were at a greater risk of cerebral infarction, than those women who ate less than 1.3 ounces or 36.5 grams daily.


It was also noticed that there was no link between poultry or fresh meat consumption and stroke risk, nor was there a link between red meat consumption, and any other type of stroke. They also found out that the stroke risk amongst red meat eating non-smokers and non diabetics were larger than in smokers and women with diabetes.


Why Stroke

Several reasons could lead to the direct relation between stroke and red and processed meat. For one processed meat is high in sodium, which increases blood pressure. Red meat contains iron which can accelerate the production of tissue-damaging radicals.


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Excessive Red Meat Ups Stroke Risk For Women