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Unusual Edible Delicacies - Treat Your Taste Buds

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There is tremendous variety in the food being served and eaten in different pockets of the world by different religions, cultures and societies. Some food items are limited to the regions that they are born into and are not found at eateries or in the recipe books, let me take you through some Unusual Edible Delicacies, you can Treat  Your Taste Buds with.

In certain parts of Britain, hedgehog meat is considered to be a delicacy. Many Europeans are quite fond of the horsemeat. Back in times, English pubs used to serve a dish made from crow’s meat, but now it is never served. Donkey meat is used to make sausages in many European countries.


Goat meat and goat milk is quite popular in the mountains. Goat milk is used to make cheese which had a distinct flavor. Goat meat is hard and tough and is stewed before using. In Mexico and Spain, the testicles of steers that have been killed in bullfights are grilled and served with butter or olive oil-based sauces. Beef stomach is also consumed by certain section of the society and is considered rich source of protein.


In Middle East lamb and calf brains are stewed and eaten. Eyeballs of roasted lambs are considered to be delicacies in Saudi Arabia and are given to guest to honor them. Arabs and Chinese gorge on humps, meat, and feet of camels. The meat is extremely tough and sour in taste. The hump is marinated before cooking.


For Tibetans Yak meat is an edible delicacy. The use this meat to make stew. The meat is very tough as the yaks are pretty old. Lesser know edible delicacies include elephant meat, trunks and feet. They are eaten in Asia and Africa..


Iguana meat is used in casseroles in South and Central America. It is one of the edible delicacies of that part of the world. Can you believe that chopped and marinated kangaroo tail ragout and sugar ants are a special treat in Australia? In Japan, candy makers dip ants in chocolates to make them a delicacy. Fried grasshoppers are quite a popular dish in Africa whereas fried silkworms and caterpillars are a gourmet food product in North America. Snake meat, snake soup and sautéed snake are eaten in some Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Alligator meat, both fresh and frozen is found in Florida and Louisiana for human consumption. Snails, or escargots, are popular all across United States.


Some of these lesser known delicacies can be found in gourmet stores across Miami, New York City, Chicago and Montreal. So if you want to try something unique and outrageous, then go and hunt for these stores to taste something exotic! Bon Appetit!

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Unusual Edible Delicacies - Treat Your Taste Buds