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How To Serve Compound Butters

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To add an elegant touch to your meal, make different kinds of compound butters.

What Is Compound Butter

Compound butter is often featured in the French cuisine. Making and serving compound butter is a simple process. One can be as creative and imaginative as one wants to be. It is all in the mind. Mixing up varying degrees of taste to give a new character to butter is what compound butters are all about. Think up various ingredients and components that will go well with butter, even exotic items like anchovies and salmon can be used.

Types Of Compound Butter

he most popular compound butter is the herb butter. This can be made in a jiffy and it uses some very basic ingredients. Mix butter, finely chopped parsley and a juice of half lemon along with pepper, change this into a bowl lined with butter paper and let it set. Once the butter freezes, you can cut these up and serve them.  Substituting parsley for basil, cilantro, thyme and chives are all possible. Herb butter is usually sold at gourmet stores and it is an accompaniment of grilled cheese in France. This also goes well with chicken and fish and also with steamed veggies. It is sliced in circles and served the same way. Homemade herb butter has fridge life of a month.

Mustard butter is good with raw veggies, while thyme butter goes well with cold chicken and chive butter is amazing with soft boiled eggs. The Tapenade Butter is made using crushed olive paste and is mostly served with grilled fish.

Seafood butter is a type of compound butter which is popular in France. These can be spread on bread and then topped with various ingredients to make canapés. Shrimp is the main ingredient in seafood butter. Anchovy butter is also a popular item in France and so is Roquefort or Gorgonzola Butter, which tastes wonderful with beef.

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How To Serve Compound Butters