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How To Eat Spinach - The Underrated Green

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You don’t have to eat spinach the way Popeye does! Spinach is a rather underrated green and disliked for its pungent flavor but it is indeed a superfood, low calorie but high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. It is the greatest of the green vegetables and should become a regular part of your diet. Spinach is such a versatile ingredient that it can be eaten raw in salads or cooked as a vegetable or combined with other foods in any recipe to make even the most nonnutritive food nourishing.


Include a spinach recipe every day and your family and body are sure to be very grateful to you.

Here are some interesting ways for how to eat spinach – reap the amazing benefits of this underrated green.  

  • Raw and fresh – You may not like the flavor at first but substitute lettuce with baby spinach in any salad and double the health benefits of a salad even with a mayo or cream dressing! Use citrus fruits and cooked meats, nuts or cheese in your spinach salad and you’ll be surprised how your family will empty the bowl during dinner.
  • Use it in sandwiches and wraps – you can use cooked or fresh spinach along with canned meats, a salsa and some cheese to a make a hearty and quick lunch wrap or sandwich.
  • Toss Spinach with pasta– Add spinach to your lasagna or make it ravioli stuffing. Include the green in any pasta recipe and you will not need to make a side dish with it.
  • Sauté spinach –  Saute spinach and use it as a bed for your meat and fish entrées. It tastes great when stir fried with other vegetables and spices. Wilt it, toss it or use it as a bed for your meals instead of starchy potatoes or rice.
  • Fry it and make spinach chips – Try these spinach chips with a dip instead of packaged potato chips. Kids love it because they do not know it has spinach, a vegetable that is soggy and sloppy on the plate. It is a total hit snack at any party or get-together.
  • Don’t use canned spinach – When introducing spinach in your family meals. Canned spinach is high on sodium, is pickled and very soggy. You could use frozen or canned spinach if you are using it as a filling, stuffing, in pies, casseroles or curries.

When you start being a spinach eater from someone who hates it, try to avoid eating it on its own and in small quantities at first. Once your start enjoying it, you will want to eat spinach in every way and in every meal. You could actually grow this amazing super food in your backyard! 

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How To Eat Spinach - The Underrated Green