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Soups That Make You Feel Better Instantly

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Winter is here with it chilled winds and flaky snow; so this is the best time to learn about certain soups that make you feel better instantly. Nothing can be more relaxing than a bowl of warm, delicious soup after a cold wintery day. Your choice of soups might be different from mine, but still there are certain most common but tremendously popular soups to make you feel better instantly. Here you will find these easy but delicious recipe ideas on comforting soups to feel better.



1. Plain Chicken Soup – This is perhaps the simplest soup to make. But, it is really energizing, at least for me it works like a magic. You can add little bit of vegetables like carrots, beans or celeries to make it chunky. I prefer the clear soup, but you can also add chunks of chicken to enjoy the real flavor of chunky chicken soup.


2. Tomato Soup – It is another favorite of mine. I really like the sweet and sour taste of the warm and thick tomato soup. Simply season this with freshly ground pepper and the soup is ready to taste. The vitamin C and anti-oxidant property of tomato will instantly boost up your energy level.



3. Wanton Soup – Whenever I visit a Chinese restaurant, I make it a point to order a warm, fuming bowl of wanton soup, irrespective of the meat used. However, the chicken wanton soup is more common and popular, too. Season this with few drops of vinegar and hot sauce, according to your taste and it is really awesome to get ready for your next course of meal.


4. Plain Vegetable Soup – Sometimes I prefer to eat like a vegan and enjoy the benefits of the natural nutrients. A plain vegetable soup is not really that plain and simple, as you can add your choice of vegetables to this. I usually pick carrots, broccoli, beans, colorful bell peppers, celeries, potatoes, green onions, tomatoes and lot of garlic. You can add anything else as per your choice. Keep the vegetables chunky and garnish the soup with fresh, chopped cilantro or parsley. This one is simply delicious and nutritious.


5. Cream of Mushroom – Mushroom is a favorite amongst many people and you can make plenty of variations of mushrooms soup. Blend the mushrooms to prepare the cream or keep the mushroom slices as it is. You may add noodles to the plain, chunky mushroom soup, if you want. Otherwise, use the mushroom powder to prepare the cream of mushroom. Whatever be the way to prepare your mushroom soup, you will always enjoy the food value of mushrooms.


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Soups That Make You Feel Better Instantly