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How To Shuck An Oyster

How to shuck an oyster? Oh Shucks! Most of love eating oysters but would love to leave the dirty(ok, not so dirty) job of shucking oysters to someone else. We also loooove eating oysters, because it is a popularly known fact, that they are the most clichéd of all the aphrodisiacs. Yes,oysters are full of zinc and the right amount of zinc in the body helps one to have a better libido. But, to shuck an oyster is moderately tough, and it is not exactly a desirable job. Let me tell you this, shucking an oyster is like learning to paint. The more you do, the better you get, with time.


Here are some tips to shuck an oyster, the perfect way.


  • Before you get to shucking an oyster or two, you will need the following; some towels, paring knives, oyster knives(if you have), scrubbing brush and some bowls.


1.Always remember to use the freshest of all oysters. They have to be alive when you buy them and their shells must be tightly shut. Then, scrub away the grit from the oyster shells using a stiff scrubbing brush under flowing water.

2.Now hold the oyster in your hand with the cup-side down in such a way that its curved shell faces the bowl beneath and the flatter side faces you. Hold the oyster in the palm of your hand using a towel because oysters can be real slippery at times. Always shuck an oyster with a bowl below to catch the oyster juices while shucking.

3.Now, to shuck an oyster! Insert a paring or an oyster knife near its hinge. Twist the knife slowly so that the oyster muscles are detached and come clean.

4.Open the shells. Scrape the soft flesh from both the shells. Use the same knife to cut the flesh that remains attached near the hinge.

5.You can wash the shells and use them for plating up the oyster dish as well.

There you go. That is how you shuck an oyster.




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How To Shuck An Oyster