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Under-100 calorie foods

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We will tell you about under-100 calorie foods.


Good news for all the calorie-conscious people. Cut down all the extra fat with the newly introduced under-100 calorie foods. Healthy eating is very necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, all those who have not been particular about healthy eating yet– it is the right time to take a pause and count up those unwanted calories.


The world has been talking about the significance of a well- balanced and healthy diet. There are several advantages associated with following a healthy diet. On this note, this article lists an interesting as well as creative assortment of under-100 calorie dishes which are served at at Axis, the Galaxy Hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant in Gurgaon, India.


Asparagus with tomato and chicken salami

This dish includes cooked asparagus which is stuffed in chicken salami. It is best served along with fresh salad and grilled tomatoes.


Crisp bread brochette with fresh fruit

This is a dish where French bread is topped with fruit salsa. Fresh fruit stick and crissini are the best accompaniments for this dish.


Fish Miso soup

This light Japanese soup is prepared using Miso paste which is basically fermented soya. The soup tastes amazing when accompanied with tofu, bean sprout and spring onion.


Sweet potato garlic soup

Sweet potato garlic soup is made using sweet mash potato as well as cooked in vegetable stock. Garlic enhances the flavor of this soup.


Lotus steam stuffed minced Seekh

Finely minced lotus stem and Indian spices are enfolded over an iron rod, which is popularly known as Seekh. The dish is prepared in a clay oven. It is delicious as well as low calorie.


Vegetable kebab stuffed with tofu

Round-shaped balls are made using mixed boiled vegetable which are then stuffed with tofu and finally grilled on hot plate.


Salmon topped with curry sauce

This is an easy to make dish. Here, pan seared salmon is supplied with boiled vegetables. The topping of curry sauce adds both color and flavor to the dish.


River sole with orange salsa

The dish river sole with orange salsa includes pan seared sole fish and cooked vegetable which is served along with orange salsa.


Chicken apricot tagine

Chicken apricot tagine is basically diced chicken which is sautéed along with onion mushroom and finally cooked in chicken stock. It is best served with cous-cous and garnished with chopped apricot.


Chicken yoghurt curry with organic rice

The name of the recipe itself suggests its preparation and ingredients. Chicken when cooked in yoghurt curry forms chicken yoghurt curry and when it is served with organic rice, the dish is called chicken yoghurt curry with organic rice.


Phyllo pie with stuffed vegetable

Vegetables are first sautéed and then filled in a phyllo pie, which basically a flaky pastry. Pears and rocket salad are perfect accompaniments to this dish.


Chilli vegetable tomato concasse topped up with roasted pumpkin

English vegetable when sautéed in tomato concasse and decorated with roasted pumpkin forms this low calories dish.


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Under-100 Calorie Foods