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How To Serve The Irish Brown Soda Bread

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Baking and Serving The Irish Brown Soda Bread is an art in itself.


The Irish Soda bread is made from whole wheat and is part of the Southern Ireland holiday tradition. It is popularly called the brown soda bread.


Sometimes the Soda Bread has a cross mark on the top of it, and it is believed to be placed there to ward off evil, while some others say, it is to let the fairies in the bread out. Technically, the cross helps in cooking, as it allows air circulation and therefore helping the bread to rise better. One can also use the cross as a base for perfect slicing of the bread.


Traditions and Practices

The bread is prepared taking into consideration, various rituals and rules in Serbia. The top of the bread is inscribed with religious symbols like stars, circles and crosses. Sometimes they put a coin in the dough, and the bread is cooked with the same in it. At the table, the bread is turned around three times and then broken and shared. The person, who gets the coin in the bread, is said to have lots of luck the next year.


Baking Tips

The bread is baked at 350 degrees for an hour in a bain-marie. It is then cooked again in the oven for another 30 mins in the same temperature. The key is tap is with the knuckles and get the hollow sound. Once this is achieved, put it into a pan and cool on a rack. It will work out to be great and the bread will turned out just the way it should ...delicious!


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How To Serve The Irish Brown Soda Bread