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How To Clean Cast Iron Skillet Properly

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You can use your cast iron skillet for a long time, when you know how to clean cast iron skillet properly. A well seasoned cast iron skillet could become one of the most important utensils of your kitchen. You can use it for almost every purpose. Particularly, if it is properly cleaned and rightly seasoned, it will behave as a non-stick skillet. However, you should take proper care in cleaning cast iron skillet, so that the seasoning does not get affected. In that case also, you can re-season your skillet for better performance. You should follow these guidelines to clean cast iron skillet.

  • You should always try to clean the skillet just after you finish the cooking. It can be easily cleaned, when the skillet is still hot or warm. Simple washing with water will be sufficient. Just hold the skillet under running water and use a soft sponge to wipe out the food residues. It will get cleaned within minutes.
  • However, if you leave the pan for some time to cool down, it will take more time to get cleaned. In this situation, first try with hot water and a plastic brush to clean the skillet. Never use steel wool, as it can scratch the surface. Soapy water is also a strict no-no for cleaning cast iron skillet. However, you can use mild soapy water for cleaning, as it will not be that harmful for the skillet. But, make sure to rinse the skillet thoroughly with plain water after using the mild soapy water.
  • You should pat dry the skillet with paper towel immediately after washing and keep it in a dry place. It is better to coat the skillet with few drops of vegetable oil. This way the seasoning will remain intact. If you use mild soapy water to clean the skillet, then always remember to perform this step.
  • If you find the skillet is not getting cleaned even with mild soapy water, then pour some water in the pan and let it boil over the heat. Use a soft scrubber to loosen the sticky food parts from the surface, while the water is still boiling. Be careful about your hand. When all the residues get loosened by this method, follow the normal method to wash and dry the skillet.


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How To Clean Cast Iron Skillet Properly