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Which One Is Less Harmful - Jam Or Jelly

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Jam or Jelly? This is a tough question to answer especially for those who like both. Comparing jam and jelly is tricky. 

Jams and jellies are available in dozens of flavors and varieties, from the standard grape jelly to the more striking chocolate jam, which account for more than 80 percent of total U.S. production. 

The most popular among jams and jellies are grape jelly and strawberry jam. Other popular flavors are apple jelly, grape jam, apricot jam, red raspberry jam, blackberry jam, and peach jam. 

Jam and jelly are more popular among kids. Consumers, who regularly purchase jam, jelly and preserves usually buy two flavors to stock in their pantry. 

Jam and jelly are two different fruit preserves. Both jam and jelly are native of Europe and they have been made from centuries. The primary difference between jam and jelly is in terms of flavor and nutritional value.  

Moreover jam is made from every edible part of a fruit while jelly is made mainly from fruit juices.  

Comparatively jam tends to have more vitamins and minerals, those found in the parent fruit because it includes whole fruit. 

Jam is prepared by cooking fruit with water and sugar until the fruit becomes soft and releases its natural pectin. Pectin makes jam firm up into a gelatinous solid. Jelly can be made using fruit juice or with liquid leftover from making jam.

As only juices are involved in preparation of jelly, artificial or synthetic pectin must be added to obtain firmness. So jelly misses the natural pectin. 

Jellies are sweeter when compared to jam because they don’t have natural sourness of whole fruit. 

Processing time of jelly is more when compared to jam because of this jelly looses its natural vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. So jam is more natural when compared to Jelly.

The major difference between jam and jelly is the texture: people who dislike seeds in their jam will probably prefer jelly, while people who like things a little more textured may like jam instead.

Here some findings when we compare nutritional value of jam and jelly.

Jam and jelly are high in sugar content and low in nutrients.

Because of more processing time jelly has less nutritional value when compared to jam.

Jelly is not a recommended source for vitamins, minerals, or trace elements.

Jelly misses natural flavor of pectin as it is prepared from fruit juices.

So, if you want to know which one is less harmful - jam or jelly, jam would be the answer.

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Which One Is Less Harmful - Jam Or Jelly