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How To Eat Fresh Ginger?

Ginger rooted in medicinal properties(botanical name Zingiber officinale)  is an all-in-all spice, which has found its way to be an integral part of Asian cuisine. Here are a few tips on how to eat fresh ginger as the attributes of this rhizome is slowly growing roots in the global cuisine.
This warm spice can be used fresh to warm up many an edible. Here is how to eat fresh ginger:

•    In hot tea : Hot ginger tea is an all-time favorite during winter season. Simply, pour boiling water on a piece of ginger with a bit of honey and lemon juice added to it, add this to your tea when its hot and there you have the soothing warmth of the spice in a beverage, which is apt for wintry evenings.

•    Soup : Imagine a cup of hot soup made more flavorful and aromatic with ginger zest, be it any soup- a whip of cream and a strip of ginger, you will eat fresh ginger and savor its warmth in the way of a hot soup.

•    With fish : Fish made tender and flaky can be spiced up with freshly grated ginger. Here the flavor of fish simply wafts through with the spice of ginger accentuating it.

•    In stir-fries : Be it vegetables or meat, grated or minced ginger can just pep up the stir-fry, giving that additional taste of a distinctive spice.

•    In sweet bakes: Pumpkin pies, ginger caramels, eating fresh ginger with pumpkin pies…you have a mélange of  sweet bakes, which can go with fresh  ginger.

•    Lemon juice : Most often loss of appetite or indigestion or nausea is treated with lemon juice. Add some bit of freshly grated ginger to the juice, you have a syrup, which gives you the ultimate cure for these ailments.

•    Crystallized ginger root: Ginger root is brought to a boil in a pan of water for about 30 minutes, and the water drained, the piece of ginger is again boiled in a little quantity of water with an equivalent quantity of sugar, till the root becomes transparent. The ginger is sliced up and coated with granulated sugar. Candied ginger is one way to eat fresh ginger.

With the above tips on how to eat fresh ginger and a highlight of the medicinal properties of the root there is less reason to feel gingerly about this root spice.

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How To Eat Fresh Ginger?