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Foods Containing Low Amounts of Nucleic Acid

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It is always advisable to eat foods containing low amounts of nucleic acid. Read on the article to find out the reason behind this. Purines is a kind of nucleic acid which is metabolized by the body to produce uric acid in the blood. If you consume high purine foods in large quantity, it can result in an elevated level of uric acid, which subsequently causes the disease called gout. Gout is characterized by severe pain and swelling in the joints. The pain mostly begins from the big toe, progressing to other body joints. Grain products, some fruits and vegetables and dairy products are low in nucleic acid, while protein products possess high amounts of nucleic acid.



As compared to other animal products, dairy products have less amount of nucleic acid. Moreover, it has been seen that the consumption of dairy products decreases the risk of acquiring gout. Cottage cheese consists of 8 mg purine, eggs consist below 15 mg, and yogurt contains 7 mg per 100 g of food.




Grain products usually consist of low amounts of nucleic acid. Rice has only 6 mg of purine per 100 g of food, which is the lowest level of nucleic acid possessed by the grain foods. White bread and wheat flour consists of 12.2 and 11.5 mg respectively, per 100 g of food.



Several varieties of seafood consist of large amounts of nucleic acid, but clams are an exception as they contain lower amounts than other seafood. Their nucleic acid content is 62 mg per 100 g of food. Salmon also has relatively low amount of nucleic acid, possessing 88 mg per 100 g. Thus, it is recommended to be consumed by those with gout. Clams and salmon have higher amounts of nucleic acid than dairy products and grains, but amongst the different seafood they are far lower in nucleic acid. Other seafood usually consists of more than 150 mg per 100 g of food.


Legumes and Produce

Though several fruits and vegetables possess moderate to high quantities of nucleic acid, there has been no documented connection between eating foodstuffs high in nucleic acid, and increasing the risk of the development of gout. Out of all the legumes, cranberry beans and garbanzo have the least amounts of nucleic acid, which is 75 mg and 56 mg per 100 g of food, respectively. Furthermore, blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, celery, strawberries, bananas and green leafy vegetables, namely collard greens, spinach and kale contain less quantities of nucleic acid. Hence, they are recommended for people who have gout.



The lowest amount of nucleic acid is found in cider alcohol which has less than 1 mg per 100 g. Some types of beers also have low nucleic acid, which is around 4 mg per 100 g. Alcohol contains low to moderate amounts of purines, therefore high consumption of alcohol often leads to increased risk for gout.


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Foods Containing Low Amounts Of Nucleic Acid