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Best 5 Hamburgers To Serve On National Hamburger Day

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Hamburger DayAmericans love to eat hamburgers all the time, so they deserve a celebration like National Hamburger Day. Here are the best 5 Hamburgers to serve on National Hamburger Day. While burger seems to be a staple food in US one should be celebrating with these best 5 hamburgers to serve National Hamburger Day.






  1. Cheddar Bacon Wrapped Hamburger
    Cheddar and parmesan cheese spiced up with ketchup, Worcester sauce and seasoned with salt and pepper is simply mouthwatering. You can have a taste of if from the smell as the patties are grilled. The patties have grounded beef and the burger has slices of bacon.

  2. Beef Hamburger
    This is a simple yet delicious barbequed beef burger. Originally hamburgers were made with beef, so it’s one of the best hamburgers to serve for National Hamburger Day. This basic beef burger can be made spicy by adding onions and green chili; you can add some Worcester sauce to it.

  3. Cream Cheese Jalapeno Hamburger
    It’s a creamy rich Jalapeno flavored hamburger that can have beef, chicken or even turkey. The jalapeno makes the hamburger hot and spicy but if you are not a spice buff then you can skip using jalapeno. But I would recommend, you try your burger with jalapeno, they would taste great.

  4. Spiced Turkey Hamburgers
    This is a spicy hamburger recipe ideal for serving on National hamburger day. Everyone from kids to elders loves turkey so a turkey hamburger with spices is simply fantastic. Onion, garlic and curry powder are responsible for that ultimate spicy texture of this exclusive burger recipe.

  5. Grilled Chicken Hamburger
    The grilled chicken in the center of the buns taste delicious. Slightly different from the classic chicken hamburger and the taste is ideal for not so spice eaters.


The best 5 hamburgers to serve on national hamburger day are so delicious that you will want to have them more often than just for national hamburger day.


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Best 5 Hamburgers To Serve On National Hamburger Day