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How To Kick Your Sugar Addiction

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Why to kick your sugar addiction? Sugar addiction is something we usually do not consider seriously but it can become a serious health hazard if ignored repeatedly. Premature aging, obesity and weakened eyesight are some of the side affects of taking excessive amounts of sugar in your daily diet. Here are a few tips on how to kick your sugar addiction.

Finding out your sugar addiction: The first thing that is required to give up your sugar addiction is to find out whether or not you are addicted to sugar. If you think enjoying foods with some sugar content is different from being sugar addict – think again! If you feel the urge to eat something sweet or you find difficulty in concentrating, you are a sugar addict.

Replace sugar: If you have the habit of drinking sodas all through the day, try a few glasses of non-sugared drink or simply water to fulfil your urge to drink something. Replacements should not be done at once, gradually replace your sugar intakes with some healthy options. One good idea is to drink one cup of coffee of the day without sugar.

Replace Sugar With Protein: Sugar may give you instant energy but it will have its crashing affects later. So to help you keep going throughout the day, increase the amount of protein in your diet. Some of the protein-enriched diets are fish, lean beef, chicken and turkey. Besides, include high quality fats like omega 3s in your diet as it helps in sustaining energy. Moreover, you also feel satisfied during the day.



Recognize Sugar: Sugar is everywhere! You might have stopped eating sugar, sweets, candies, cookies, brownies or sodas, but certain foods label it with a different name. Hence, it is important to know all sugar names be it in the form of maple sauce, sucrose, turbinado sugar, molasses, maltodextrin, malt syrup or high-fructose corn syrup. Also avoid artificial sweeteners as they can also cause cancer.

Choose a Healthy Option: If you have the craving to eat something sweet and also wanting to keep a tab on the calories you take at the same time, include a fruit in your daily diet. Fruit doesn’t mean fruit juice as it is nothing more than fruit-flavored sugar-water. Mind that you should always stay away from dried fruit or sweetened fruit. White flour, rice or potatoes are equally inappropriate, as sugar since they all have the same affect on blood sugar. Replace them with sweet potatoes, red potatoes and brown rice.

Use Honey But No Alcohol: Try to use honey wherever you can replace it with sugar. Eating a spoon of honey is also good for health. If you are trying quitting sugar for the first time, stay away from alcoholic beverages, which is largely made of sugar.


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How To Kick Your Sugar Addiction