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10 Awesome Market Meals From Around The World

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One can enjoy some amazing cooked-to-order meals in and around the markets across the globe. IFood brings you to 10 awesome market meals from around the world. These meals provide perfect intersection of fresh ingredients, regional cooking styles, and cultural essence of the land.

Popular Market Meals around South American Continent

IFood takes you through a  journey of South American Continent. South America is the land of some oldest civilizations on earth and its imprints can be seen on food culture too.


Motes at the Ponchos Market, Otavalo, Ecuador

Ponchos Market is the largest open-air farmers market in the South American continent. This cattle market is frequented by animal traders and food aficionados equally. You will love motes, fritada, llapingachos, and cheese stuffed empanadas at Otavalo market. Motes are generally served as the side dish to fritada; pork deep fried in lard, and roasted pork. Other than that you can go for cattle and clothes shopping around the market.


On moving to Bolivia, you can enjoy Empanadas at Mercado Rodriguez at La Paz.

Empanadas are commonly savored in South American continent, but you can enjoy some authentic chicken or beef stuffed empanadas at the stalls managed by Aymara and Quechua grandmas. These empanadas are fried and stuffed according to order. These empanadas are served along with bowls of Bolivian salsas. Generally peanut salsa is served along with chili and garlic puree.


Popular Market Meals around North American Continent

From there let’s move to the North American Continent. North American continent is also colored with rich cultural essence of ethnic Aztec, Mohawk, Maya, Apache, Cherokee, Huron, Sioux, Mohegan, Iroquois, and Inuit tribes. The essence of cultural flavors can be seen in foods too.

Beginning with Mexico, you can enjoy Tamales and Tlayudas at Mercado de Abastos, Oaxaca.

You can enjoy excellent tamales and tlayudas, served by the elderly women who sell them at the narrow alleys of the market. Tlayuda or clayuda as it is popularly known is nothing but a large corn tortilla, which is topped with cabbage, meat, beans, cheese and other toppings. Whereas Tamales are starchy dough which is boiled in leaf paper.


On moving to United States, you can enjoy Indian Spice Mini Doughnuts at Mill City Farmers Market, Minneapolis, Minnesota

You will enjoy the sight of chef Shack food truck serving the customers with delight. You can enjoy delicious hand-cut fries with bacon ketchup, braised tongue tacos, and soft-shell crab sandwiches. But don’t forget to taste the large cup of cappuccino and freshly fried cinnamon and cardamom scented mini doughnuts.


Popular Market Meals around Europe 

From here let’s move to amazing European continent, where food and merriment rules the life of the common man.


Beginning from France, let’s move to the capital city of Paris, where you can enjoy roasted chicken at the Marche Bastille.

You can enjoy roasted Faverolle chickens, and roasted Bresse- Gauloise at any of the small stalls lining the outdoor market of Bastille. Faverolle chickens are served as fatty drippings in a tray filled with potatoes, and roasted carrots. Other than that you can enjoy sightseeing across tents erected across the outdoor market.


Moving to north lets travel to Italy, which is famous for its fare like pizzas, pastas, gelato, lasagna, and foccacia. You can enjoy Fritole at Mercato Ballaro, Palermo, Sicily.
Sicily is famous for its fare of fish vendors and meat dishes. Palermo is popular for its fare of fritoles. Fritoles are made from calf, instead of pork. You can relish the sight of a well turned cook serving fritole or fritter from large vessels covered with towels. These fritoles are served as a roll and sprinkled with salt, and lemon juice.


Moving to southwestern Europe lets travel to Spain, where you can enjoy Razor Clams a la Plancha at La Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain
You can enjoy griddled mollusks which are laced with parsley, garlic, olive oil and chili. These clams are chewier, but the freshness of the shellfish and clinking sound of the griddles make it more appealing.


From here let’s move to Asia, where the cuisine showcases abundance in tastes and varieties. Beginning from Korea, you can enjoy Spicy Mentaiko at Noryangjin Fish Market; Seoul, South Korea 

Noryangjin Fish Marketis is famous for its share of seafood delicacies. Mentaiko, served at these Noryangjin fish market is something to die for.  Mentaiko is nothing but salted, spicy pollack roe, which can be enjoyed with onigiri.


Popular Market Meals around Asia

Moving to Southeast Asia let’s move to Philippines , where you can enjoy Banana-cue at Puerto Princesa Market, Palawan, Philippines

Banana plantations adorn the landscape of Palawan, so you can enjoy various banana dishes around the place. Banana-cue is prepared by rolling midget bananas into coarse palm sugar, and frying them in hot oil, until they are caramelized.


Moving to heartland of Southeast Asia, you can enjoy Egg Noodle Soup at Klong Toey Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Klong Toey Market of Bangkok, is famous for its share of Cantonese food stalls, which serve authentic egg noodle soups. The egg noodle soups are served with greens, roasted pork, chicken broth and wontons.


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10 Awesome Market Meals From Around The World