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Beware Of Fast Food Wrappers, Popcorn Bags

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The ill effects of fast foods seem to be endless! Now we get to know that fast food wrappers and even popcorn bags are dangerous for our health, especially when food is stored in them for a prolonged period. So, beware of fast food wrappers, popcorn bags in which your favorite burgers and pizzas are packed for you!


We are aware that plastic bags and food wrappers used in such foods are bad for our environment, but did you ever think that these packaging materials release chemicals into the food, which can be really very harmful for us? Before you think about environmental harm and danger, think once, how these wrappers and bags can cause harm to your body in more than one way.


A new study has highlighted the fact, that harmful chemicals and preservatives are used in the packaging materials. When food is stored in such packages, it is very likely, that some of such synethic chemicals and compounds get transmitted to the food. It has been found that a chemical known as perfluoroalkyls which is a synthetic chemical that helps to repel oil is used in paper packing such as food wrappers and plastic bags. These special wrappers are used so that grease which is present in fast food does not leak through them.


However, everything is not as rosy as it seems to be. These harmful chemicals which are used in the making of such food wrappers and popcorn bags migrate slowly into the food and then when we consume the food, it moves into our blood stream. This has been proved in a recent research that chemicals and preservatives have traveled into human blood and caused some major problems.


As per ENS reports, that perfluoroalkyls is used in other products also like in manufacture of clothing and carpet. It is also used in other substances like fire fighting foams which signifies the toxic and dangerous chemicals which are used in its making. If the same substance is used in food wrappers, you can very well imagine how such chemicals can harm your body when you eat it.


One of the most worrying factors is that perfluoroalkyls is one of those substances which can cling on to your body for several years, all the while causing damage to your blood stream and in the long run can damage your various organs. As per the agency of Toxic substances, ‘’It takes approximately 4 years for the level in the body to go down by half, even if no more is taken in." It has been reported that the effects of such substances can be really dangerous and can affect your vital organs, respiratory system and sex organs of your body too. 


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Beware Of Fast Food Wrappers, Popcorn Bags