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How To Steam Oysters At Home

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Steaming oysters at home is not as difficult as it might seem to be at times. Most of us are not able to steam these because we do not know how to do it correctly. How to steam oysters so that you can use them in your delicious meals? Here are some easy tips and techniques on the steaming process of oysters.


  • You can start the process by adding 2 cups of water or beer in a steamer. This is where the oysters are going to be steamed.
  • It is important that you have water enough … as much as ¾ inches deep.
  • Once you have the water or beer ready in the steamer, you can start boiling the water.
  • You need to ensure that the water boils for at least 5 minutes or till you are able to notice the steam rolling out.
  • If you wish to check if the water is boiled well and the steam is rolling out, you can check it by pulling the lid slightly. You will notice that the steam is rolling out, which is an indication that the water has boiled well.
  • Once, the steam is as per your satisfaction, you can add the oysters and a cup of water on this.
  • Let it be covered and have it boiling.
  • Let the oysters boil for around 20 minutes. You have to be careful that the oysters do not get overcooked, because if they get overcooked, you won’t be able to use it in your other recipes, where further cooking shall be needed.


Tips for steaming oysters:

  • Check the steamer very well, before you start the steaming process for any leakages or additional problems. If there are problems, it might turn out to be dangerous for you and be a problem for your safety.
  • Try not to cramp all the oysters when you are steaming them. If they are cramped then all of them might not get cooked easily.
  • If you have plans to steam a large number of oysters, you can steam them in batches. This shall ensure even cooking of all the oysters and it shall ease your process also.
  • If you wish to be really safe, it is better to be somewhere near the steamer while you are steaming the oysters so that in case of sudden emergencies, you can take care.
  • Last, but not the least when you are steaming oysters you need to ensure that your kids are not near the steamer, as it can be really dangerous for them.

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How To Steam Oysters At Home