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10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney

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Tasty Indian Chutneys

They say that every Indian food is incomplete without this condiment, chutney. Acknowledging the importance of this native sauce in the Indian culinary customs, here are the top 10 tasty varieties of Chutney that are most integral to the Indian cuisine. However, before declaring the names, a short briefer on the essence of chutney in Indian culinary tradition is essential.


Chutney, The Indian Sauce

Chutney is a culmination of spicy herbs usually served as accompaniments to the main course meal. They may range from fine to coarse in texture, depending on the type of dish being served with. Chutney, means to crush in English translation, has been an eminent part of ancient Indian culinary customs. It is the Indian version of the American jellies, ketchup and jams. It can be prepared using fresh fruits and sugar to render it a sweet flavour.


Chutney may be served along with formal Indian dinners or as spicy condiments to snacks. Their usage is eminent to make compliment the spicy flavour of the food and most importantly, make the food edible for the nagging eaters.


Creating tasty varieties in chutney is no rocket science and may be done by the usage of fruits and vegetables like limes, mangoes, peaches, lemons, plums, coconuts, tomatoes and apricots in different regions of the country. Consequently, the alterations in the ingredients are also likely to bring variations in the taste of this popular Indian sauce.


On the basis of my meticulous observation to every possible detailing that goes into making delectable Indian chutneys, and as per the popular Indian preferences, here is my verdict on the top 10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney.


Coriander Chutney- Indian sauce prepared by grinding coriander leaves, green chillies, lemon and herbs

Mint Chutney- prepared from a mix of coriander leaves and mint leaves

Tamarind Chutney- prepared from the juice of tamarind, often called, “saunth” in Hindi

Coconut Chutney- prepared from fresh coconut and herbs

Tomato chutney-

Onion Chutney

Mango Chutney- prepared from fresh and raw green varieties of mangoes

Lime chutney- prepared from unripe lemons

Peanut chutney-popular chutney savoured among Marathis

Tomato onion chutney

Peased chutney  


Happy feasting!


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10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney