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How To Clean A Cheese Grater

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We use cheese graters almost everyday – it is one of the most basic of all kitchen tools. However, do you know how to clean a cheese grater? One of the main reasons for people complaining that cheese graters do not last long is that, they do not know the right method of cleaning a cheese grater. Several times it has been found that stains and cheese remnants remain in these graters which cause them to break-down in the long run. Here are some tips on how to clean a cheese grater.


  • When you start cleaning a cheese grater, you need to ensure that you have brushed off all the loose bits of cheese which is present in the grater.
  • Next, soak the grater in warm soapy water for at least 15 minutes. This will that ensure any small particles of cheese remaining in the grater gets removed very smoothly, which is not possible with just brushing it.
  • If you have dishwasher, you can soak the cheese grater in  it also, as it shall slowly remove the cheese particles which might be stuck inside the grater.
  • Now wash the grater in running water.
  • When scrubbing, it needs to be done in the direction of the blade.


There is another interesting tip to ensure that your grater is free from all grated cheese in case you are not happy or comfortable with washing the grater in water or even soaking it. There might be situations when you are camping or in a picnic where water is scarce and you are not able to wash the grater in running water – you can grate an apple or even a raw potato slice, just after you have grated cheese. This shall ensure that with the grated potato or apple, any grated cheese which might have been stuck in the grater is also removed. This is a great way to ensure that the holes of the grater are free from cheese.


Nylon scrubber – This can also make a great equipment to clean your grater. You should clean the inside of your grater first and then the outside section of the grater.


Toothbrush – A toothbrush also makes a great tool for cleaning any cheese grater. The long handle of the toothbrush makes it easy to clean the inside of the grater and also the small holes of the grater which are very difficult to clean otherwise.


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How To Clean A Cheese Grater