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How To Eat Enchiladas?

Mexican pocket dishes can be termed as a popular wrap-up of the diverse Mexican cuisine. The handy “pocket-pies” or the tortillas come into the picture yet again to give a nice wrap-around for the enchiladas. What are enchiladas and how to eat enchiladas?

Enchiladas are corn or wheat-flour tortillas wrapped around a filling spread with chili sauce. Let's explore the different fillings that can used for enchiladas so that we get to ‘unwrap’ different ways of eating the dish.
Meat, potatoes, seafood, cheese, beans in myriad combinations can be used as a filling for the enchiladas. The fillings are then drizzled with chili sauce before getting folded up.
How to eat enchiladas in a variety of fillings?

Here is a list of some of the enchilada fillings, which trace to the region of origin of the specific variety of the dish :

•    Enchiladas con chile colorado:  This variant of the dish is served with chili sauce (dried red chili pepper, soaked and ground to form a paste).

•    Enchiladas con mole: Also know as enmoladas, the dish is served with mole sauce.

•    Enchiladas potosinas : Here the enchiladas are made of masa, which is cheese-filled and spiced up with chilis.

•    Enchililadas suizas :Tthe Swiss version of the Mexican dish denoting the swiss way of eating enchiliadas. Here the dish is topped with a cream-based sauce(bechamel) or milk.

•    Enchiladas verdes : Green enchilada sauce made of tomatillos and green chilis makes up this variety.

•    Enfrijoladas : Here the topping is refried beans replacing the traditional chili sauce.

•    Entomatados : The traditional chili sauce is replaced by tomato sauce to show you the tomato- saucy  way of eating enchiladas.

With the variety fare on offer what are the different sides for enchiladas?

•    The traditional side-dish is refried beans and rice to go with enchiladas, which makes a filling, wholesome meal.

•    Simple vegetable salad in cilantro or lime dressing also makes up a good way to eat enchiladas.

•    A taco dip where sour cream mixed with  taco seasoning mix  cheddar cheese, avocado, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and served with tortilla chips make a scrumptious side for enchiladas.

•    Home-made Macaroni ‘n’ cheese also serves as a good side dish for the Mexican dish with the Mexican version of the macaroni.

•    Corn and black bean salad with sweet red pepper , tomatoes , onions, red onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, Italian salad dressing,  hot pepper sauce, chili powder , cilantro and lime juice and you can’t find a more succulent way on how to eat enchiladas.

When you have the basics of any dish raised to your culinary expertise it just requires a bit of creativity and culture of the region to blend taste and ethnicity, as in this instance of how to eat enchiladas, which roll up in a variety of ways to serve the culture and the cuisine.

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How To Eat Enchiladas?