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Module of Food And Restaurant Management

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A Night In Grave Yard: R M Institute Of Hotel Management, New Delhi
Food and Restaurant Management Module is one of the module in Hotel Management course. In this module students and many other people are invited to get feedback on food in the event. This video is from R M Institute Of Hotel Management, New Delhi; watch this video to know more.

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Why did they do this theme? Seems very strange. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Yes it is strange but very creative.I was there & I quite liked it.It was creating & very well done up.
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i like the video.....but voice was not clear .....anyway least this one is diffrent and creativity is there....... but food and the theme doesn match.......
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nice one done by students its gr8.
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grave yard is the best one
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why graveyard? Choice of foods related t graveyard in what way? It is interesting as in the US there is Halloween theme which often includes graveyard and goulish and goary things. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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good theme
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good theme but food is not crrectly presented
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Thanks Guys for posting your comments on here.... Here is many ways to smile!fOODLOVER veerpradeep
Module Of Food And Restaurant Management Video, A Night In Grave Yard: R M Institute Of Hotel Management, New Delhi