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Why Men Should Eat More Celery?

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“Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health” is a new book on the block which recommends that men should eat more celery to attract women. Authors Judy Gaman, Dr. Mark Anderson, and Dr. Walter Gaman say that celery increases the pheromone levels in men’s sweat, which appeals  to women.


Before proceeding with why men should eat more celery, it is important to understand what pheromone actually does.  Mother Nature has devised some wonderful ways to ensure the survival of species on the earth, and pheromones are one of the beautiful ways of ensuring the same. These pheromones are the chemicals which attract the opposite sex and ignite their mating tendencies.  


Now let’s come to the point why men should eat more celery? Celery triggers off androstenone in the human sweat. Androstenone is a steroid which triggers off the scent or sex pheromone, which makes men more attractive.  Androstenone is contained in the cytoplasm of the celery. And by eating it men can actually increase the levels of androstenone in their body which triggers the rate of pheromone secretion.


Also Dr. Walter Gaman says that “We recommend that a guy work out, have a nice warm shower, chomp on a few sticks of celery, brush his teeth, and then head out the door smelling good," if he wants to see the immediate effect.  Celery has been equated to a vegetable Viagra because it enhances the sexual drive and intensifies the climax in men.


Now I think it is much clear why men should eat more celery, just head off to the market and buy this wonder vegetable and see the difference in your lives. 


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Why Men Should Eat More Celery?