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How To Eat Dulce De Leche?

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Dulce De Leche is Argentina’s national jam and is savored and favored throughout the world. Read on to know how to eat Dulce De Leche. It is believed that various versions of this “milk marmalade” existed even in ancient Egypt, but Argentines refuse to accept it. Dulce De Leche was born out of a tasty accident - on one cold night of 1829, an American-Indian chef serving General Ross, was preparing the dinner for a large gathering of guests, who have accumulated to witness the treaty signing between General Ross and the warring enemies. The cook intended to serve sweet milk to the guests, but he forgot to remove the milk cooker from the fire, and some hours later when he realized it , the milk has reduced to a thick cream. But his agony turned into ecstasy when he tasted the sweet  caramelized milk for the first time. Today Dulce De Leche is produced in many countries , still Argentina is the main manufacturer of the sweet.


Before mastering the trick of eating Dulce De Leche, it is important to know how it is prepared. Dulce De Leche can be easily prepared using milk and sugar. The secret of tasty Dulce De Leche lies in the measure of fire. Always keep tab on the fire, so that it doesn’t become solid hard and remember to take it off from fire at the right time.  You can remove Dulce De Leche from fire, when the milk reduces to 1/6th of its original volume and turns smooth, sticky and emanates nice brown color. Various varieties of Dulce De Leche‘s are popular in all South American Countries.


How to eat Dulce De Leche?

  • Dulce De Leche can be eaten alone or you can eat it by spreading it on the bread or a pancake.
  • Dulce De Leche can be enjoyed as a delicious ice cream, and waffle topping too. And it can be used for filling crepes too.
  • You can flavorize and decorate your coffee by adding a generous scoop of Dulce De Leche.
  • You can also buy Vaquita candies and Dulce De Leche flavored cakes, or cookies from the market.


Eat Dulce De Leche with friends and family for it is sweeter when shared with loved ones.




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How To Eat Dulce De Leche?