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How To Eat Soup If Your Hands Are Shaking

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Eating soup with a shaking hand can spill your soup and make you feel embarrassed. Keep your table etiquettes in place by learning how to eat soup if your hands are shaking. Try these tips if you want to enjoy your soup without spilling!


Fill half of your spoon with soup. Even if your hands shake, the soup will remain within the spoon.


Sip the soup from the tip of the spoon without putting it completely into the mouth.


Choose soups that are thick in consistency, thinner consistency soups spill easily. Thick soups stick onto the spoons and spills less. 


Keep two napkins, one on the lap and other in the hand to wipe out any spilled soup.


Eating soup with a large or deep spoon is the best way of eating soup. The chances of spilling are scanty.


Rest your forearm on the table, your hands will shake less.


Move closer to your soup bowl, so that the distance between the mouth and bowl is less. Your shaking hands will have to cover only a short distance.


Let the other hand hold the shaking hand, it will save you from the embarrassment of spilling your soup.


Learn to eat soup with left hand if your right hand is shaking. You might notice that your left hand shakes lesser than right hand.


Always half fill your bowl; it will not look messy if you spill some.


After all precautions, even if you spill your soup, wipe it off gently with a napkin and continue eating your soup without making a big deal out of it.

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How To Eat Soup If Your Hands Are Shaking