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How To Eat Bluefish

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Bluefish is very common in the Atlantic coast but those who do not live  at  such locations, are often puzzled on how to eat bluefish. Bluefish is of 2 pounds normally and can grow up to a size of 20 pounds. They have dark and very oily meat with an extremely strong fishy taste. It is true that bluefish is not one of the most popular delicacies. However, you are some recipe ideas which you can try out when you plan eating bluefish.


You need to carry out some preparations before you cook the fish. It is important to gill the fish within 24 hours. To gill this fish, you have to cut the section just behind the gills or behind its tail, so that it bleeds out quickly and your work becomes easier. Once, this is done you should ice the fish well in case you do not choose to cook the fish immediately. This is done so that the fish is kept fresh.


To eat this fish in any form, you need to prepare its brine solution which helps to add to its taste. You can prepare this brine solution with fresh marjoram, kosher salt and bay leaves. If you soak the fish in this solution and then cook it, you will get a wonderful taste and shall also help to get rid of the oily and sticky smell of the fish.


Grilled bluefish – This recipe is for all grilled food lovers. You need to soak the fish in brine solution for at least 3 hours before you start its grilling process. Add some chili flakes and pepper along with oyster sauce or fish sauce to enhance the taste of blue fish.


Steamed bluefish – This can be described as a diet food for all those who are health conscious and would like to have this food with minimum use of oil. To make steamed bluefish, you can marinate bluefish with lemon rinds, vinegar, soy sauce, chili, salt and other herbs as per your taste. Put this marinated fish in a steamer and prepare your most loved steamed bluefish.


Bluefish salad – Bluefish salad is an interesting recipe where bluefish is added with fresh vegetables like spinach leaves, broccoli and other green vegetables to give the dish a new taste. This salad can be had as a part of your breakfast with fresh bread or as a part of your lunch.


Fried bluefish – Marinade bluefish with vinegar, herbs, soy sauce, fresh herbs and other seasonings. You can keep this marinated fish for 1 hour and then deep fry these fish pieces in olive oil. You can serve them hot with fresh homemade salsa.


Bluefish tastes simply wonderful when served with its green sauce poured on top. You can serve cooked bluefish with green grilled vegetables along with mashed potatoes and rice. 


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How To Eat Bluefish