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Are Pakodas Perfect With Champagne!

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Are pakodas perfect with champagne! Well, with a versatile drink like champagne, it’s often a tough job finding out the right pairing for a particular variety. For your information, most champagne drinks are prepared with pinot noir and chardonnay grapes, across different vintages. Champagne is like wine, whose taste ranges from sweet to dry. The sweetest of the lot is the Demi-sec champagne. The drier champagnes are Dry and Extra Dry, while the Brut is the driest of all. The Blanc de Noirs champagne, which is made with Pinot grapes, is best paired with flavorful yet light foods. With so many options available, when it becomes really hard to figure out what food to pair up with your expensive beverage, the pakodas come to your rescue and if you want to know why are pakodas perfect with champagne, read on …


Eating pakodas with champagne


Whoever gave you the idea that champagne is best matched with oysters and caviars, haven’t of course tried pairing it with pakodas. Go beyond the predictable and traditional pairings and try something new like eating pakodas with champagne. While champagne goes well with many foods, pakodas are snacks which go well with all kinds of champagnes! Pakodas are deep fried Indian snacks which can come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions and of course, in multiple recipes. The love affair between salty foods and sweet champagne is age old and when the pakodas are wedded to the champagne, the chemistry just comes back alive. 


Why are pakodas perfect with champagnes? 


Champagnes are bubbly drinks with a mildly acidic and dry flavor. As a result, lighter foods always pair up better with champagnes than heavier ones like sugar loaded desserts and red meats. Moreover, the sparkling personality of the champagnes call for a casual appeal and so, the pakodas in this regard, make a wonderful couple with champagnes. Whether it is a quiet romantic dinner with your lover or a bachelor party with hundred guests, the evening kicks up cheerfully when there is a flute of champagne and a tray of crispy pakodas to please the taste buds! 


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Are Pakodas Perfect With Champagne!