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Fizzy Drinks Affect the Same as Spicy Food

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The moment we hear about spicy foods, we immediately are conscious about the quantity of such foods that we take in, for the fear of their side effects. Yes, the probability of ulcers and acid burns increase manifold times with spicy foods. But did you know that even fizzy drinks affect the same as spicy foods? Strange and unbelievable - but absolutely true!! The effect of fizzy drinks is the same as spicy food on us.
What kind of similar effect?

When we say that fizzy drinks affect the same as spicy foods, the first question that comes to our mind is “What kind of similar effect?”. So, let’s take a closer look and understand what we are talking about. When we eat a spicy food, for example, the English mustard sauce or the Japanese wasabi, we get a tingling sensation in our nasal cavity. It is this sensation or effect that is similarly created by fizzy drinks.

Why the same effect?

The fizz in the fizzy drinks is nothing but compressed carbon dioxide, which not only adds to the effervescence of the drink, but is also a good preserving agent that helps the beverage remain fresh for a longer time. But, on the other hand, it is this carbonation that evokes the same sensations in you as spicy food does – i.e., develop the sensations of sourness and burn in our body. Much like the burning effect caused by spicy foods, fizzy drinks too cause the same tingling and noxious sensation in your throat and nasal cavity.

How do you feel the same effect?

This is simple and quite obvious. The nerves and cells present in our mouth, nose and throat detect the burning sensation that a dab of wasabi creates in us – and the same nerves and cells respond to the carbon dioxide present in the fizzy drinks and evoke the same sensations. The TRPA1 (gene present in these cells) is mainly responsible for sensing these pains and is the main source of our sensory experience. The sourness, on the other hand, is caused due to the cells of our tongue being tripped by the carbonation of the fizzy beverages.


Thus, even though fizzy beverages are seemingly sweet, in reality, fizzy drinks affect the same as spicy foods. Therefore, keep a watchful eye on the amount of fizz that you take in as well.

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Fizzy Drinks Affect The Same As Spicy Food