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Types Of Spanish Cheeses

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When we talk about Spanish food the first thing that comes to our mind is different types of Spanish cheeses. Spanish people love to eat cheese all the time which have made them masters in manufacturing a myriad of cheese varieties. Spanish cheeses are so popular that we all long to have a bite of it whenever we can. So a quick look at various types of Spanish Cheeses and their goodness.


Sheep’s Milk Cheese

The northern and central Spain produces this special Spanish cheese type, made out of cured cheese from sheep’s milk. This specific cheese types have a tangy taste because it is cured. The best cheese in this category is Manchego which is spicy, buttery and has a nutty flavor. Other cheeses from sheep’s milk are namely Zamorano, Roncal and Idiazábal. All cheeses in this category are cured and can be stored for months. Burgos is the only fresh cheese that should be consumed immediately after preparation.


Cow's Milk Cheeses

A variety of cow breeds are found in different regions of Spain. Cheese from each breed of cow’s milk has a unique taste to it. Some of the popular Spanish cheese types in this category are Tetilla, San Simon, Arzua-Ulloa and Mahón. These cheeses are available in soft, fully cured and semi cured types. Their color and texture depends on the curing time. Mahon is a unique type of cheese in this category because herbs are used to thicken milk.


Goat's Milk Cheeses

This unique Spanish Cheese type is made from Goat’s milk. Similar to cow’s milk cheeses and sheep’s milk cheeses goat’s milk cheeses are also available in a number of flavors. Murcia al Vino, Montsec, Ibores and Majorero are some of the well known Spanish goat’s milk cheeses. Murcia al Vino is special because it is made out of fragrant milk produced by Murcian goat. Cheeses in this category are creamy and spicy. Spicy taste comes from paprika or corn meal and has a hint of almond and honey as in Majorero. Color of these cheeses may vary from white to yellow as they are sometimes cured.


Mixed Milk Cheeses

All special Spanish cheese types can be identified with their blue color. Cabrales, Picón and Valdeon cheeses are made out of a mixture of two or more types of animal milk. The specialty of these cheeses is that they are cured in caves for months. They are tangy to taste and have soft and creamy texture. 


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Types Of Spanish Cheeses