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Foods to Avoid For Alcoholics

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With alcoholism, different kinds of health issues, like obesity, malnutrition, etc may crop up. Therefore, which foods to avoid for alcoholics is something that is decided by the kind of physical problem or health issues they have. In this article, therefore, we shall discuss the most common foods that are to be avoided by alcoholics.


General Foods to Avoid by Alcoholics:

With an excess of alcohol intake, the first thing that gets affected is your diet. Alcohols themselves add in a lot of calories to your body, clubbed with the junk side dishes that people normally eat along with the drinks. Therefore, in the long run, the body is deprived of the nutrition that it needs for proper health and functioning. Thus, restoring the balance in diet is one of the priority requirements. For this, besides cutting out alcohol, it is also important to avoid foods like sugary beverages, junk foods, fried items, etc. Instead, go for healthy diets that contain a balanced portion of protein, vitamins, calcium and other important nutrients.



Foods to Avoid by Alcoholics with Obesity Problems:

Obesity is one of the major health concern associated with alcoholism. Most alcoholic beverages have high calories in them, which in turn, lead to this problem. Therefore, for obese alcoholics, it is a must to avoid all foods that contain high calories - sweets, junk foods, ice-creams, chocolates, burgers, cheese, pizzas and so on.

Foods to Avoid by Alcoholics with High Cholesterol and Hypertension:

Along with obesity, other major health concerns found among alcoholics are high cholesterol and hypertension. Alcoholics who have developed these conditions should avoid all foods that contain high amount of fats and cholesterol. For example, beef, meat fat, pork, veal, lamb, cheese, ice-cream, butter should be avoided by them. Similarly, to control hypertension, they should also avoid all foods containing high amounts of sodium and salt. For example, canned soup, chilies, pizza, hot dog, parmesan cheese, ham, etc are high sodium contained foods, which should be avoided at all costs.

Foods to Avoid by Alcoholics with Malnutrition Problems:

Instead of high-nutrient foods, alcoholics generally consume alcohol and low-quality foods, which deprive them from the essential minerals and vitamins and leave them malnourished. Therefore, health concerns like osteoporosis and anemia become quite evident in them. If an alcoholic is facing this problem, he or she should avoid low-nutrient foods, like pasta, cookies, cheese, etc and rather concentrate more on the ones that are rich in minerals and vitamins, like fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

Foods to Avoid by Alcoholics with Peptic Ulcers:

Peptic ulcers are commonly developed in alcoholics and hence, it is important to also know the foods to avoid by alcoholics suffering from this problem. An alcoholic having this problem should avoid all spicy foods. At the same time, large meals eaten in one sitting should be avoided. Instead, eat a number of small meals at regular intervals. Also, eat healthy foods so that the body is healed much faster.

Thus, if you are striving to leave alcohol, keep these eating tips in mind as well. The more you follow the right eating habits, the easier quitting alcohol becomes and the faster you are healed. Therefore, know the foods to avoid by alcoholics and live a better life.

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Foods To Avoid For Alcoholics