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How To Eat A Kiwano Horned Melon

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Ever got your self some kiwano….no I am not talking about some exquisite Japanese fruit …I am talking about the horned melon from New Zealand.  If you know how to eat the kiwano, it is simply a delight to consume. One look at the fruit and you will know why it called the horned melon, but as against the satanic image the name creates, the fruit in fact , has a soft and jelly like inside and is sweet to taste. Here is some information which will help you eat and enjoy the kiwano well.

The kiwano is an exquisite fruit also known as the horned melon.

Before you eat the kiwano you need to make sure that you have picked the right ones. If you pick up green ones and allow them to ripen at home then the fruit will taste like a mix of cucumber and kiwifruit. I prefer to pick a kiwano that is fully ripened because then it has a pleasant banana-like taste. When picking up a ripe kiwano ensure that it is got a rind that is uniformly orange and not bruised.


Once you have got the horned melon in hand, cut it transversely in two halves.


Slowly squeeze the fruit from the lower end while holding the fruit above you such that the small, jelly like contents of the fruit come to the surface. Now just lick or suck up the pulp. You can also simply scoop out the pulp with a spoon and eat it. You can have the seeds but they don’t have any particular taste either. But if you want you can take out the seed from individual sacs seen in the fruit and then have the fruit.


You can also slice the kiwano lengthwise and eat the pulp off the rind like you would have if you were eating sliced cantaloupes.


The kiwano pulp tastes very good when it is pepped up with some sugar.


You can use the kiwano melon in you fruit salads or make a yummy sorbet with the melon, pineapple and banana.


You can also use the kiwano shell as a dish within which you can serve any ice cream with the scooped out pulp or any fruit pudding.


If you have any kiwano that is left over then wrap it up and refrigerate it.

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How To Eat A Kiwano Horned Melon