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Finger Food Ideas For Breakfast Time

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Planning to have a family get together or call your friends over for a fun breakfast…or do you have kids who just refuse to have breakfast until you camouflage breakfast as finger food or snacks and serve a variety of dishes?? Then here is a wonderful list of finger food ideas for breakfast time! I have been catering to fussy toddlers and surprise breakfast visits by friends and family for sometime now, so these are some hard earned ideas that I am sure you will appreciate and enjoy!


Mini quiche - perfect as finger food for breakfast

Sausage Balls  - Yummy sausage balls can be both filling and just too difficult to resist. They are easy to make too!! All you have to do is mix together ground pork sausage, cheese, biscuit baking mix and then round them into small walnut sized balls. Bake them in an oven at 350 degrees until they are golden brown and you have your sausage balls ready. Here are some alternative sausage bal recipes you can use.

Mini-quiches - What can be more tasty that delicious mini quiches and a variety of them if you can manage it! They are perfect appetizers for a party and also something that your kids will enjoy. You can bake your quiches in muffin pans and use any kind of filling. Here are a few mini quiche recipes that you can use. 

Mini Muffins -  Talking about mini quiches baked in muffin pans reminded me of the obvious success of mini muffins at my brunch and breakfast cocktail parties. The mini muffins are perfect as finger food as they are easy to prepare, filling and they can be made many different ways with a variety of ingredients.  You can make both sweet and savory muffins.

Sandwiches and toasts - Yes, really, sandwiches and toasts work really well as finger food for your breakfast! The best thing about sandwiches and toasts is that you can use any kind of filling. It could be cheese, tuna and mayonnaise, herbed shredded chicken, scrambled eggs….anything you want for that matter. Here is a Denver Brunch Sandwich that you can use. 

Deviled Eggs -  Now, who wouldn’t  think of egg as finger food for breakfast. The best way to have egg is in the form deviled eggs and you don’t need me to tell you how to prepare this popular dish. What can be easier to prepare than egg white filled with mashed yolk mixed in with mayonnaise, sandwich spread or Thousand Island salad dressing.



Ensure that your brunch cocktail party is filling as a heavy and nutritious breakfast is essential and what speaks better than satiated cravings and bulging bellies!!

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Finger Food Ideas For Breakfast Time