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How To Digest Food Faster

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How to digest food faster has been written to share tips on how to train your metabolism to digest food faster. Burning calories in the body is directly related to your metabolic rate. Some people are blessed with high metabolic rates, while most of us have a slow rate of metabolism. There are ways to increase your metabolism so that you accumulate lesser calories. Read on to know how!                                                                                                   


Digesting food faster


One of the reasons for weight gain is that the food does not get digested properly due to a slow metabolic rate. A sedentary lifestyle, absence of any forms of exercise,  less intake of fiber in the meal and excessive eating of junk foods is related in one way or the other to a slow metabolic rate. 


Good news is that you can train your metabolism to digest food faster!! Read the following tips and include them gradually in your daily regimen.


Drink lots of Water: A person should ideally consume at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Usually people drink much less water than the body requires. Drink lots of water as it helps in breaking down the food quickly.


Chew your food properly: Don’t be in a rush to gobble down your food. Eat your food slowly and chew properly. The digestion process starts in the mouth as the saliva helps in breaking down the complex carbohydrates even before the food reaches the stomach


Eat Healthy: A way to improve your digestion is to increase the quantity of certain foods and include some foods that aid in quick digestion.


Add fiber in your diet: There are many food products which are a rich source of dietary fiber such as figs, berries, green leafy vegetables etc. Whole wheat flour from which choker has not been removed, is again a good source of fiber. Other sources are oats, bran cereal, brown rice etc.


Add green vegetables and fruits to your diet: Most of the fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw and are a resource pool of lots of dietary fiber, essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Green vegetables and fruit salads taste great and aid in improving the digestion of your food.


Avoid Carbohydrates and foods that are rich in fat: Junk foods are usually high in unhealthy carbohydrates, as they are mostly prepared using white flour. They also have harmful fats which do not get easily digested. Instead, eat snacks which have been prepared from 100% whole wheat or multi grain flour and include the intake of nuts in your diet. Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts etc contain good fats which do not harm the body and also add fiber to your body which aids in quick digestion.


Develop an active lifestyle: If you do not get time to exercise, then incorporate these little things which may help you get some sort of physical activity. Avoid the escalator or lift in your office. Take the stairs instead. Park your car one or two blocks away from office and brisk walk the remaining distance. Make exercising a fun activity by taking up some sports like squash, tennis which require a lot of running around. 


Do not sleep immediately after you eat, as sleeping slows your metabolism and the recently eaten food does not get digested properly. 


All of the above mentioned methods may not increase the rate of your metabolism drastically over a couple of days, but if you include these little things in your regimen, your metabolism would start burning calories faster. If your metabolism starts digesting food faster, it would definitely help in reducing your weight.


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How To Digest Food Faster