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How to Clean and Crack Hard-Shell Crab

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Cleaning and Cracking Crab

If you love preparing crabs but we recoil at the thought of cleaning and cracking the crab, then here is how you can easily clean and crack hard shelled crabs. Cleaning and cracking hard shells of crab need not be messy and nor is it a "man's job". It is rather an art which you can master easily. So read on and learn more...



Step 1

Break the two large pincer claws using knife or a nut cracker. You can set aside the claws for cracking and removing rest of the meat.


Step 2

Detach the top shell of the crab using hands or any pointed object.


Step 3

Cut the face of the crab (where it joins the lower shell) using knife, and scrap out the organs with knife.


Step 4

Draw a straight and deep cut from the back of a crab, just above the leg joints. The depth of the cut eases the meat extraction. Repeat the same procedure on both sides.


Step 5

Cut the remaining legs of the crab, where they join the body.  Always keep the thumbs secured over the backfin meat.


Step 6

Try to locate the white muscle at the place where the backfin was attached and remove it using knife.


Step 7

Remove rest of the white meat from the body. The white meat is located in the chambers which are separated by thin walls of cartilage. You can easily remove the meat by sliding the knife under it.


Step 8

Now remove the meat from two pieces cut from the body (in step 4). You can easily remove the large chunk of the white muscle that comes easily, and  there you can see the cartilage. Remove meat from the cartilage by making the diagonal cuts.


Step 9

Tap the claw found just below the pincer to make it straight and gently remove the meat from it using the knife. You can remove the meat from other claw using the same procedure.

Now that you know how to crack and clean a heard shell crab, why not prepare some delicacies for dinner tonight!!



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How To Clean And Crack Hard-Shell Crab